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Welcome to The Hub

Welcome to The Hub, YALSA’s new blog specifically dedicated to young adult literature!  For over 50 years YALSA (the Young Adult Library Services Association, a division of the American Library Association) has been supporting and connecting librarians who work with teens.  Over the years being a librarian and being a library user has changed in ways people could never have imagined.  Reading itself has changed!

We embrace the fact that reading can mean reading a traditional book in a new format (iPad, Kindle, etc.) or reading a story written in an untraditional way (for example, entirely in text messages).  And we especially embrace that the internet connects millions of readers every day and provides thousands of ways for people to share their thoughts about what they’re reading, log what they read, connect with authors, become an author, and more.

We hope you’ll visit The Hub daily for a peek into what the online world is saying about YA books.  You’ll find fresh original writing about what teens are reading, book reviews, introductions to other YA lit blogs, podcasts, videos, and more.

Thanks for stopping by and connecting with us!

Sarah Debraski
Blog Manager

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Sarah Debraski


  1. Clynell Reinschmiedt Clynell Reinschmiedt

    Some colleagues and I are doing a presentation, originally, the general topic of YA Multicultural Lit. Then, we refined it to YA Multicultural titles in which music is a central theme. Unfortunately, our bib is coming up out of print, and we need some different titles–both newer and/or those older titles still in print. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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