Book Review: Pretty Monsters

Today I’d like to sing the praises of a book that I think can’t be praised enough, Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link, decorations by Shaun Tan.

Things about Pretty Monsters that are awesome–

  1. It is a collection of short stories that pull you into their strange magical world so that you are utterly absorbed, yet they are over before you can fall asleep in bed with the book smooshed against your face, leaving you to wake in the morning wondering what chapter you were on and why your book is covered in drool.
  2. The story “Magic for Beginners” is all about a weird (possibly magical) television show called The Library. I want this show to exist! At very least, I want other people to read this story so we can all talk about how cool it would be if this show DID exist. Seriously, if you take the whole book out to only read this story, you will still have gotten your money’s worth.
  3. Art work by the great Shaun Tan (The Arrival, Tales from Outer Suburbia) adds a little extra intrigue to each story.
  4. Great cover!
  5. If you love fiction where things are a little strange, a little off, but still seem like they could actually happen to you, this collection is perfect. I do– and since reading Pretty Monsters I have wondered if I, too, might someday discover a secret portal inside my handbag, and have spent many a hopeful hour staring into its depths.
  6. If you have ever tried to dig up your dead girlfriend to get back the only copy of the poems you wrote and buried with her (I kind of hope none of you have) then this is the book for you!

–Mia Cabana