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Book Review: Her and Me and You

Her and Me and You by Lauren Strasnick

After Alex’s dad has an affair, she moves with her mess of a mother to the town her mom grew up in.  When Alex isn’t taking care of her mother, she is trying to find a place to fit in at her new school while desperately missing her best friend Evie.  She has a ready-made friend in the daughter of her mom’s high school best friend, but Alex is drawn to Fred and his twin sister Adina.

Saying that Fred and Adina have a close relationship is putting it mildly.  There is something slightly off about their relationship and Alex finds herself caught up in their dynamic.  A saner person would have run away screaming, but Alex is drawn to the enigmatic Fred.  Adina runs hot and cold to Alex.  One minute she hates her and the next she is almost flirting with her. To make matters worse, Evie has fallen in love for the first time and isn’t very supportive of Alex and her weird (and getting weirder by the minute) relationship with the twins.

This book is a very quick read. I finished it in an hour and a half.  There is a lot of dialogue.  When I first finished it, I thought I liked it, but now…I’m not so sure. As I was reading, I was very interested in the character of Adina and wanted to know what made her act the way she does over the course of the story.  It was never really explored and the book ended almost immediately after the climax of the story. I really liked the way the story was written, but I could have used another 100 pages or so to find out even more about the characters.

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