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Book Review: Cat Burglar Black

Like many beloved heroines, K. Westree is an orphan in search of a new home. Our girl arrives at Bellsong Academy for Girls with only her red hooded sweatshirt and suitcase in hand.  She doesn’t know what is in store for her here, and us readers must go along for the ride.

K. must sneak into the night on several dangerous missions per the request of several conspicuous caretakers. Richard Sala’s illustrations of K and the other cat burglars are pure life as they bounce through musty attics in search of lost treasures. The dialogue between her and her co-horts bounces across the page in tandem with their movements, as the new girl K. is often the odd girl out.

“You got left behind again, story of my life” K. thinks to herself. Though she is self-sufficient and plucky to a p, K struggles like any young woman would. She not only has a knack for cracking the code, but for confronting her enemies with grace that transcends the page.

This is one of Richard Sala’s first graphic novels for the YA audience and he skillfully renders his penchant for female heroines in less violent situations then his previous works.

If you love whodunits, mysterious girls schools, and intelligent female protagonists, Cat Burglar Black is for you.

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–Marie Penny

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