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Local Authors and Programs

Author visits from famous authors can be exciting for teens. If you are fortunate to catch a new YA author at the right time…Go for it! Amy Alessio did just that. Working with local (Chicago area)YA Lit author James Kennedy (Order of the Oddfish) has been great. In 2009, Amy Alessio and the Schaumburg Township District Library hired James Kennedy to do some sort of video with our teen advisory group. In the video we “caught” James and he turned into a wild author. Eventually, the teens decide to let James go in the video, but we hired James to run a Story & Performance Troupe. James hosts the ongoing program and has teens run through improv and writing exercises to bring out more creativity from them.

So, librarians, before committing to that famous (and expensive) YA Lit author, look around for a local author that might be able to help run a monthly writing or improv program. And teens, you never know what up and coming author you may be able to meet in person at your library!