Upcoming YA film adaptations

When the movie version of a YA book is released, it’s common for the book to get a big spike in circulation (yay, free publicity!) It’s important to be up-to-date on movie releases so you can make sure you have enough copies available for your patrons! It can also be a great excuse to host a book/movie-themed event. With that in mind, here are some big book-to-movie adaptations to look out for in upcoming months (this post covers February – June, which means no Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 or Breaking Dawn Part I; look for another post on the second part of the year closer to summer).

I Am Number Four (Feb. 18th, 2011) based on the novel by Jobie Hughes and James Frey.
There’s been a lot of controversy swirling around James Frey’s YA deals (see a great explanation of the story from YA author Maureen Johnson here), and I admit to being a little reluctant to supporting this book because of said controversy. On the other hand, there’s already a big marketing push for this film, so it’s likely that your teens will see it and want to read the novel (or read the novel and want to see it!). I Am Number Four is the story of a teenaged alien – one of nine who crash landed on Earth after their home was destroyed. The nine survivors are being hunted down, in order, and Number Four is next. This movie stars Brit Alex Pettyfer, who also stars in Beastly (see below) and Diana Aragon/Quinn Fabray from Glee, among others.


Jane Eyre (March 11, 2011) based on Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, obviously. Jane Eyre, like the works of Jane Austen, is kind of like YA before there was YA (way, way before). It has romance, intrigue, and most importantly, a teenaged heroine. The movie’s PG-13, so there’s a pretty good chance at least a few of your teens will see it – be ready to hand out copies if it they mention the movie. A contemporary re-telling of Jane Eyre (Jane, by April Linder) was published in October of last year (and recently reviewed on the The Hub) – another potential tie-in! The movie, starring Mia Wasikowska, looks pretty great!


Beastly (March 18, 2011) based on the novel by Alex Finn. Beastly is a contemporary re-telling of Beauty and the Beast in which an arrogant high schooler  is cursed with ugliness (apparently in the form of moving tattoos) for his bad behavior and given a year to find someone to love him. The movie stars High School Musical‘s Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer, who seems to be well on his way to being the next heartthrob. It has the always adorable Neil Patrick Harris and Mary Kate Olsen as the witch character who transforms the protagonist Kyle into a beast.

Water for Elephants (April 22, 2011) based on the novel by Sara Gruen. Water for Elephants isn’t technically a YA novel, but it did with an Alex Award in 2007. It’s a historical novel (mostly a love story, but it has other plot elements, too) set on a travling circus train during the Great Depression, and from the looks of the trailer, the sets and costumes are fantastic. Plus, the movie stars everyone’s favorite vampire (or Cedric Diggory, depending on your series loyalty!) Robert Pattinson, who will surely be a draw for teen girls. You might consider adding a copy or two to your YA section so it’s easy for teens to find!

Are there any other book adaptations you’re excited to see in the first part of 2011?

4 thoughts on “Upcoming YA film adaptations”

  1. Lucy – thanks for pointing that out! It’s also directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first Twilight movie, so there’s another YA lit connection.

  2. Another movie adaptation that is coming out the week after Water For Elephants is: Rodrick Rules – Diary of Wimpy Kid #2. It looks like it will be interesting.

  3. That’s true! I saw the preview in the theater (while watching Harry Potter), and for the first few seconds I was like “so…Twilight, but snow?” and then it flashed the directors name. It looks similar in all the ways that will appeal to its audience though, and gorgeous on top of that.

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