Book Review: Delirium

Wikipedia defines disease as “an abnormal condition affecting the body of an organism.” That sounds about right when describing things like malaria, meningitis and lyme disease.  But what about love?  Would you define love as a disease?

In Lauren Oliver’s Delirium (out next Tuesday), love or amor deliria nervosa is classified as a disease and scientists have found a way to eradicate it and the United States Government has mandated that all citizens undergo the procedure after they turn 18. Since the cure for love has been found, people are happier, predictable and feel safe; there is no war and little to no crime.

Lena Haloway has a little over three months until she goes in for her treatment.  She can’t wait to start her life free of the disease. She has lived her life by the book, followed all the rules, read all the manuals; all in preparation of living the life the government has laid out for her. But something happens to Lena that she never thought was possible: she falls in love.

Delirium has shades of Uglies, The Hunger Games and even a tinge of Romeo and Juliet. It pulls you in and doesn’t let go. You’ll root for Lena and her love.  Every time she leaves the house or goes out after curfew, you’ll get nervous. You’ll want her to become part of the resistance. As much as I enjoyed the book, I am not sure how I feel it being a trilogy, but it’s worth your time.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Delirium”

  1. It’s a great read. If you hurry, you might be able to still get a digital arc at That’s how I got my hands on it!

  2. This is high on my “to-read” list, as is Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver’s other novel – awesomely enough, she’s coming to Austin for a book signing next weekend, so I’ll be able to get my brand new book signed, yay!

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