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Attention Readers of Teen Books!

Have you ever wished that you could participate in choosing the best books of the year? Now you can! YALSA is pleased to announce its newest selected list, the Readers’ Choice Booklist!!
All year long individuals (Yes, this means teens and adults!  The only people not permitted to nominate are authors and publisher employees) can nominate their favorite titles in a variety of categories.  This year the categories are horror/thriller, mystery/crime, nonfiction, realistic fiction, romance, sci-fi/fantasy, and steampunk.  Then, during November, YALSA members will be able vote amongst the nominated titles to choose the best.  The resulting list will be published in December.

Get ready and start nominating via the online forms!

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  1. Laura C Perenic Laura C Perenic

    I attempted to fill out this form, when I hit submit I was informed that some required information had not been filled in. Also upon hitting submit all the information I had typed as deleted. I think I said some very nice things but I can’t remember them all to resubmit them.

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