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Royal Wedding Party Inspiration–YA Style

I love a great fairy tale and even more, I love a real life romance. So when Prince William (one of my childhood crushes) announced his engagement to commoner Kate Middleton, my romantic’s heart went all aflutter. I still watch clips of Princess Diana’s wedding and marvel at the decadence and grandeur. I am eagerly awaiting Wills and Kate’s nuptials, what she will be wearing, seeing the guests in their finery, etc. With less than ninety days until the wedding (you can see an exact countdown here), I am busy planning a royal wedding party for my friends and I thought what better place to look for some royal inspiration than the world of YA.

Some of my favorite young adult books are princess related. And yes, this is the wedding of a Prince, but as most women know, the wedding is all about the bride, in this case, a soon to be princess. What better books to inspire an early morning royal wedding than Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries series. Mia Thermopolis is definitely a modern day Princess, much like Kate herself. I love the classic princess stories such as Shannon Hale’s The Princess Academy or The Goose Girl, both of which have a slight fantasy base. E.D. Baker has The Tales of the Frog Princess series which features a great prince. Megan Whalen Turner also inspires with her great books, particularly The King of Attolia and A Conspiracy of Kings which have a nice male bent for all the guys at the party.

Of course, you will need to start off with some invitations, and How About Orange, one of my favorite DIY blogs, is a great resource for all things invitations. For the decorations, you cannot go wrong with this adorable asterisk heart garland, in whatever color your heart desires. These fabric garland hearts are a bit more difficult to create but will certainly make for festive decorations. Make a sign with this easy to print alphabet bunting. I wholly admit some of these decorations veer into the too cutesy for words territory (or Disney princess land) but this is a once in a lifetime occasion so you may as well go all out.

I tend to be all about good food at parties and fortunately there are plenty of yummy foods that would make excellent contributions to a royal wedding party, early in the morning or late into the evening, formal or informal, with friends or even with foes. If you are looking for some cute and yummy food for your party, look no further than cake pops created by Bakerella. These are Sorcerer’s Hat inspired pops but leave off the ears, color the hats pink and you are well on your way to an adorable princess pop. If you would like something a little simpler to create and enjoy the royal festivities with, there is always fairy bread because after all, what is a fairytale royal wedding without a little magic and sprinkles? There is always Martha Stewart’s almond petit fours for a classy and tasty confection. Of course, on the flipside of the yummy food coin, Maureen Johnson’s Devilish may just stop you from making anything cupcake related for your party.

For those of us in the United States, the wedding will probably be taking place early in the morning so some orange juice may be the tasty drink you need to wash down all that food. Add in some sparkles, glitter, and a few comfortable pillows and you may have all you need to get comfortable and prepare for the big event.

(And, if you happen to be an Anglophile at heart, definitely check out The Hub’s post titled The British Are Coming–A Booklist to Unite Anglophiles.)

Sarah Wethern, currently reading Badd by Tim Tharp.

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Sarah Wethern


  1. Elizabeth U. Elizabeth U.

    Its a great post, but your links are all dead-ends :-(

    • Sarah Wethern Sarah Wethern

      If you’re still interested, the links are now working, at least for me. :) Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Robyn V. Robyn V.

    That’s what I came on to say – the countdown link doesn’t work.

    • Sarah Wethern Sarah Wethern

      Should be working now!

  3. Sarah Wethern Sarah Wethern

    Everything should be working now. :) That’s what I get for messing with the entry late at night.

  4. Sarah Debraski Sarah Debraski

    Another great fun royalty book is Pulling Princes (and its sequel), about a girl at a boarding school (which I love right there) that is filled with exclusive type students and she ends up falling for an actual prince.

  5. I doubt I’ll be able to see the wedding live since it will happen during work. **sigh**

  6. Ally P. Ally P.

    Another great royalty book about a prince but way more serious than the Princess Diaries is Raising the Griffin. I keep hoping for a sequel with a royal wedding!

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