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Book Review: Mercury by Hope Larson

Josey and Tara Fraser are two young women separated by a mere 150 years, and connected by one very special pendant. Set in 1859 Nova Scotia and the present day, Larson weaves these two tales together with a special dose of magic realism. Tara discovers her great grandmother’s pendant and sets out on a journey down a virtual rabbit hole to uncover the truth about her family’s past. Modern day Tara is an unconventional young woman who takes pride in her differences and has enough moxie to crack a century old code. Larson’s buoyant style carefully renders both the hills of the Canadian country and the emotional life of her characters in luscious black and white.
Equal parts mystery and romance make this a captivating coming of age story packed with enough tension to keep the pages turning.

-Marie Penny, currently reading Love & Rockets New Stories volume 3 by Jaime Hernandez

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