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Extra Extra! Read More About It: Author Easter Eggs

We all want more when we’ve finished a good book, or are waiting for more in a series.  But what if there are bits that we haven’t seen, and just haven’t found them yet?  Sometimes, authors put missing scenes, drafts, chapters, and even whole novels and novellas on their websites. We just have to go in search of them.  The most well known, of course (thanks to all the copyright/sharing scandal), is Stephenie Meyer‘s Midnight Sun–a project which she is on again/off again about completing.  But, she still has a draft version of it posted on her website, and it’s still lots of fun.  She may never truly publish it, but at least we’re getting more from her.

Want more Vampire Diaries than the CW‘s giving you?  Check out L. J. Smith’s fabulous website shorts.  Six stories give you a bit of background on stories that originally made you say “huh?” Some are more sugary, others more gory.  But they’ve all got that Vampire Diaries flavor that can only be created by L. J. Smith.  You can also find a scene she decided to leave out of Book 6 of the series…but still wanted to share with us.

Anyone who’s read Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side probably thinks that while Jessica and Luc’s story is pretty nice where it stands, more is always good.  So, if you haven’t already, check out Jessica 1.5 (or try it in Italian!) on Fantaskey’s website–where you can also find an excerpt from Jessica Rules the Dark Side, with more to follow in the coming weeks.  She promised.

Lauren Oliver has given us a deeper look into her new Delirium with a sidebar on her website.  Titles include “A Guide to Your Evaluation,” “A Partial List of Forbidden Books,” and anonymous “Testimonials.”  While not truly “extra material,” they’re still an interesting bit of reading that gives you more insight into this delirious world.

While the fabulous Robin Benway does not provide us with extra stories on her website, she does give us some fun things to hold us over after we’ve read both Audrey, Wait! and The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, and June. Not only can we follow the Stephenson sisters on Twitter, but we can listen to soundtracks for both works of art.  And if you want just a little bit more from Robin, she also writes a music blog.  The entries are short; the songs are great.  Be warned, though. She’s got a bit of a potty mouth.

Check out the set of Neil Gaiman short stories on his website.  While none have any direct link to the books he’s put out (although one has appeared in anthologies before), it’s always nice to have more Neil Gaiman.  Sadly, Terry Prachett doesn’t make an appearance.

Instead of an “extra,” Cory Doctorow has a free download of his novel Little Brother made available in its entirety through a Creative Commons license. He even asks readers to send their own “remixes,” be they translations, art, adaptations, songs, or anything else they can think of.  He’s a fan of Creative Commons, and has free downloads of some of his stories as well.  There’s an interesting discourse on why he makes his work freely available, to benefit both himself and his readers. Might even inspire you to either go out and buy either book or make a donation.

And finally, while not really an “extra,” per se, go to YALSA Printz award winner Libba Bray’s website, click on Books, click on the cow.  Now keep clicking on it.  You will thank me.

Obviously, I haven’t covered everything that’s out there.  Do you have any great reads that are only available online?

–Jessica Pryde, Currently reading The King’s Rose by Alisa Libby


  1. Jessica Pryde Jessica Pryde

    Thanks for the head’s up!

  2. Anna D. Anna D.

    Speaking of Terry Pratchett, the fan organized site L-Space has gotten permission to host to two short stories of his, “Death and What Comes After” and “Theatre of Cruelty” in many translations.

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