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YALSA Celebrates Teen Tech Week

Happy Teen Tech Week! Mix & Mash @ Your Library is the 2011 theme that libraries are celebrating this week, March 6-12.  Teen Tech Week is an annual national initiative.  Its purpose is to ensure that teens are competent and ethical users of technologies, especially those that are offered through libraries: DVDs, databases, audiobooks, and videogames.

During February the YALSA Blog featured 28 Days of Teens & Tech.  You can read many great posts there about teens and technology.  The Hub is YALSA’s lit blog and you may be wondering, “what does that have to do with teens and technology?”  Quite a bit, actually.  After all, aren’t you reading this very post on some piece of technology? An iPad? A laptop? A smartphone?  The very creation of this blog was an acknowledgement that reading is part of an overall online package.  The process of reading might include the following steps:
Read about an interesting sounding book online → use your library’s online catalog to find and request the book → receive the book (or download an ebook to your reader) and read it → tweet comments about the book as you read it â†’ finish the book and create an entry for it at Goodreads â†’ visit the author’s blog and follow it â†’ Google the book and look for blog reviews of it â†’ discover a blog that seems to talk about a lot of books you like, too â†’ leave comments on the blog and become part of an international discussion about the title â†’  get a book recommendation from someone in the discussion â†’ begin the process again!

That scenario involves quite a bit of technology combined with YA lit (and that scenario is just about a book, it doesn’t even go into all the other sorts of reading one might be doing.)  So yes,  technology definitely is important to YA literature.  A few past posts that highlighted technology and teen reading include these about playlistsfanfiction and book trailers.  And this week you can look forward to a couple more new posts celebrating TTW


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Sarah Debraski