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Reader’s Choice list: How to nominate your favorite title

You know the feeling when you finish a great book? You can’t wait to pass it on to friends, tweet about it, review it, whatever. This post is about another way to get the word out about your favorite new book: the YALSA Reader’s Choice Booklist. Anyone–teens, librarians, teachers, adult fans of teen lit–can nominate a title for the Reader’s Choice Booklist. Once a title’s been nominated, it will show up on the nominations list (this is also a great list to check out if you’re looking for something to read!) If a title gets nominated enough times, it will go on a ballot at the end of the year, and the librarians who are members of YALSA will get to vote. The Reader’s Choice nominations will be read by a LOT of librarians, so it’s a great way to get the word  out about something you love.

I just nominated Jen Violi’s Putting Makeup on Dead People (which is AWESOME – you can read a complete review on my personal blog). Nominating a title is a pretty quick and easy process. You can complete it online in about five minutes, but be sure you have a copy of the book with you, because you’ll need it for some of the required publication information. You start by picking a genre (Horror/Thriller, Mystery/Crime, Nonfiction, Realistic fiction, Romance, Science fiction/Fantasy, or this year’s Wildcard genre, Steampunk). Clicking on a genre will take you to the nomination page, where you fill in a little information about yourself, give some publication info on the book, and write a short description of the book and what makes it great. Like I said, it’s quick and easy, and it’s a fun way to get your favorite new book on to more people’s radar! Even if you decide not to nominate a book, be sure to check out the nominations list – it’s updated once a month, and you might see something that interests you!

–Emily Calkins, reading Rot and Ruin

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