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Book Review: My Boyfriend is a Monster & Marvel Her-oes

Presenting two books nominated for YALSA’s Great Graphic Novel for Teens:

My Boyfriend is a Monster Vol.1 : I Love Him to Pieces
by Evonne Tsang, illustrated by Janina Gorrissen
This fun read begs the question, “can love survive the zombie apocalypse?” Against all odds, Dicey “jock” Bell and Jack “nerd” Chen form a romance while collaborating for a school assignment. Everything goes swimmingly until an outbreak of a bizarre infection hits town and transforms everyone into zombies. Their love is tested by the fights and chases they must endure, and even Jack’s fate!
The story is set in sunny St. Petersberg, Florida, and Gorrissen does a fantastic job of conveying the sense of place and motion. In addition, extensive care went into the character design of Jack and Dicey. You truly get a sense of their personalities, especially due to Tsang’s skilled dialogue and use of volume and sound. Look out for volume 2 Made for Each Other!
Marvel Her-oes by Grace Randolph, illustrated by Craig Rousseau

In a small suburban New Jersey town, three Marvel superheroes meet in high school. Janet The Wasp, Jenny a shy She-Hulk , and Namora . Told in four classic comic style parts, The Truth Stings is an action packed read that interweaves everyday high school troubles with those of superheroes. These girls learn about each others powers, manage and harness their powers, all while forming friendships and working out conflicts. The story gives established Marvel characters a teenage spin guaranteed to please both male and female readers. Randolph and Rousseau do an excellent job of keeping these girls real and bringing them off the page with their super powers.
The original She-Hulk by Stan Lee is an amazing bonus to this graphic novel!
-Marie Penny, currently reading The Zambime Sisters by Aristophane

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