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What is “Pottermore”?

Summer months are always a lot of fun. But this year, July is particularly special to me (and I’m sure many others) because the final Harry Potter movie will be released!  I get shivers every time I see the trailer. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely go check it out HERE.











I’m pretty sure I’ll be re-reading the Harry Potter books, and re-watching the Harry Potter movies, for the rest of my life. And I know I’ll love seeing new generations of all ages discovering this special series for the first time.  But I confess to being a little sad at the thought of no new Harry Potter books or media anywhere on the horizon…that is, until I heard about the very cool web site that J. K. Rowling plans to launch in October 2011 called Pottermore!!

Any of you following Faythe Arredondo’s “Tweets of the Week” on The Hub will have noticed tweets on June 17 and June 24 mentioning this exciting development. You can also hear the exciting announcement directly from J. K. Rowling in the video post below.  With what little information I know, Pottermore feels like a love letter of sorts from J. K. Rowling to fans of her series.  At this point, I don’t even quite know what to expect…though I’m tingling with excitement at the thought of what this site promises to be. From what I’ve gathered, there will likely be heavy involvement from users like you and me. There will be participation from J. K. Rowling herself to share never-before-heard details about the Harry Potter world. And interestingly, this site will become the exclusive online store/location for purchasing both audio books AND (for the first time ever) e-books of the full series.

Even though the site goes live in October, there is a notice to check back on July 31st to see how you could qualify to get an early peek. I also made sure I entered my email for updates regarding the site.

All that being said, definitely take some time to play the video message from J. K. Rowling herself below (only about 2 min.).  And as for me, I now plan to go back to the books themselves and do a little re-reading before I hit the theaters for the final movie in just a few weeks!

–Nicole Dolat

Currently reading all of my Harry Potter books (with some breaks for the movies in-between) :)

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