Comic Con 2011

A lot of librarians go to a lot of conferences and I’ve been to a couple of the more traditional conferences, but my favorite conference to go to is…Comic Con International (CCI). A lot of people look at me funny when I tell them I prefer to attend this over CLA or ALA, but there is something about CCI.  It may be that I am a firm believer that librarians and libraries need to keep current on popular culture and see how it can impact their library and its users.

As Yogi Berra once said, “You can observe a lot by watching.”  One of my favorite things to do at Comic Con is just wander through the exhibit hall filled with 525,701 square feet of awesomeness.  You can see what’s new in television shows, movies, comics, and books coming out in the near future.  At last year’s Comic Con, I was lucky enough to see a clip of a movie called Cowboys and Aliens.  I left the panel excited to see the movie and told everyone I knew how awesome it was going to be.  I got some strange looks, but I made sure I ordered copies of the graphic novel.  The movie is finally coming out on July 29, 2011 and now everyone seems to want to see it.

This year without really trying all that hard I left with five books given to me by PenguinPenguin Teen and Simon and Schuster and received more samplers, bookmarks and buttons than I know what to do with. I’ve spent the better part of my first day back at work going through all my “swag” and trying to remember why I needed that book marked shaped like a bloody knife…but I left CCI with a lot of information and I wanted to share some of the things I learned:

  • When Clockwork Angel comes out in paperback it will have bonus content you can’t find anywhere else.  The same will happen when Clockwork Prince comes out in December: it will have a letter from Will to his family.
  • Bitterblue is the title of third book by Kristin Cashore and should be out by Summer 2012.

  • The House of Night series will be released in comic form by Dark Horse beginning November 9th (check out the trailer here).
  • The Secret Circle (premiering on the CW this fall) could be insanely popular. Make sure you have the books on hand.
  • If the madness surrounding Marvel’s Avengers booth is any indication, the movie is going to be huge next May.  Fans have already gotten a taste of the movie at the end of Captain America.  I know I plan to buy as many graphic novels about them as I can.
  • Stephanie Perkins said Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone was the “best fantasy novel [she] has read in the past decade.”

And then things I was happy to see:

  • While I expected packed lines for the TV and movie panels, I was absolutely delighted to see a packed house for both Simon and Schuster and Penguin’s panels where we were presented with some amazing upcoming titles.
  • Seeing a teen reader fangirled out over Stephanie Perkins when she was in the audience for the Diversity in Young Adult Works panel.
  • Long lines at the Penguin Young Reader’s Booth when they were giving away free books.
  • A long line up first thing Sunday morning from the “What’s Hot in Young Adult Fiction” panel.

Even though I came home with a bad cold and exhausted, I am already looking forward to next year and wondering how that experience can top this one.

-Faythe Arredondo, currently reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs