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The Monday Poll

Good Morning! Welcome to a new feature on The Hub.  Each Monday morning we’ll ease you back into the week with a fun poll.  We know fans of YA lit love to talk about the best/worst/favorite bits of books and can argue passionately for those things.  Take the poll and feel free to continue the conversation in the comments. This week….Which fictional school would you most like to attend? Poll is posted on the right hand side of the page-check it out!




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Sarah Debraski


  1. Hogwarts hands down for me. I think most readers will agree.

  2. I’d take every chance I could get to be a Gallagher Girl!

  3. Hogwarts! Definitely!!

  4. […] country wrap up their Summer Reading programs, it’s impossible to ignore what lurks ahead: school! While the little guys will be after first-day-of-school and riding-the-bus stories, older readers […]

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