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The Monday Poll: Butt Kicking Heroines

Good Morning!

A while back Maria Kramer had a post about YA heroines who “kick butt without bows.”  Indeed there are, and have been, some amazing strong heroines in all kinds of stories-adventure, fantasy, historical, and realistic.  Who is your favorite heroine? Vote on the right!

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Sarah Debraski


  1. My all-time favorite heroine is Jacky Faber from The Bloody Jack series by L.A. Meyer. Ally Carter’s leading ladies (Cammie and Kat) are close runners-up!

  2. Sharon Grover Sharon Grover

    Agree with Megan. Jacky Faber’s my girl. She can get herself into and out of any kind of trouble and — best of all — she has a sense of humor!

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