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Nothing’s Gonna Change My World—Reader’s Choice: Across The Universe

Cover of Across the UniverseWhen I saw Beth Revis’ debut novel sitting face up on a bookstore table, I was immediately drawn to it.  One, the cover (look left) is GORGEOUS.  Pinks and purples and stars and just this much of a sleeping beauty twist to draw the eye.  Two, the title.  I stood there and thought, “did someone novelize the movie, or is this something completely different?”  Turns out, completely different ain’t the half of it.

Across the Universe consists of two narratives that eventually collide upon the ship Godspeed, where Earth native Amy is awakened from over two hundred years of cryogenic sleep and put into the care of ship-born Elder, Gospeed‘s future leader.  Together, the two must go up against a number of obstacles to even survive, let alone fall in love.  Not only does Eldest, the ship’s leader, see Amy as nothing but a distraction on the ship of complete monoethnicity, but someone’s opening up cryogenic cases and trying to kill people.  And what’s with the water?

Why would you nominate something like that for Reader’s Choice?

While reading it on a Saturday afternoon (all in one sitting, mind you), I found myself loudly exclaiming my hypotheses to the television as it played Beatles music back at me in the background.    I don’t read science fiction dystopic murder mysteries very often—oh right!  There isn’t much out there.  So my biggest reason for nominating this particular text was that it was so. Very. Different.  The second reason:  It’s just so compelling.  I found myself continuing to read, more to see if I was right about my guesses regarding the mystery, than to watch Amy and Elder grow to care.

The most exciting thing?  There’s more to come.  The next, A Million Suns comes out in 2012 (there’s even a cover for it!), and Beth Revis is devotedly working on the third, which I guess will be out in 2013.


So, there you have it.  That’s my Reader’s Choice nomination.  Check out YALSA’s Page about Reader’s Choice if you want to know more.  You can also find a list of books that have already been nominated.  And definitely, definitely nominate your favorite if you don’t see it there.  Just have a look at the guidelines and you’ll be all set.  And don’t forget to have a look at some of the other YALSA Hub Bloggers’ selections for Reader’s Choice, either!


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