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Pop Go the Paperbacks

Know any bullies or geeks? I do. I’m over halfway through my first year as a member of the 2012 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults committee, and I’ve been reading nominations for the themes “Sticks and Stones” and “Get Your Geek On” (the other two themes this year are “Adventure Seekers” and “Forbidden Romance”). It has felt very liberating to read simply for popularity. PPYA nominations are not restricted by currency, tasteful cover art, or good reviews, unless the good reviews are by teens.

In order to help create a well-rounded list, the committee has been exploring the topic in full. A bully is usually a peer, but can one also be a parent, a ghost, or a religion? Do teens looking for geek reads want to read another story about unrequited geek love, or would they prefer to pick up some zombie craft ideas? Display ideas, book discussion questions, and recommendations for branch regulars flood my mind now.

Nominate a title today: I know there are more bullies and geeks out there to meet!

— Lisa Goldstein, currently reading The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster in preparation for an author visit

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