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Team Peeta or Team Gale?

Today we bring you a post by a teen who’s a Hunger Games fan!

Here's Katniss! It's like the vision in my head came true...

The definition of The Hunger Games series: BEST BOOKS EVER WRITTEN! I read them this summer, and I’ve been searching for a story as fantastic ever since. This captivating story begins with The Hunger Games, the first book in the series. We start in District 12, a suffering, poor, hopeless District in Panem, a futuristic North America. We catch a glimpse of Peeta, and instantly wonder his significance in the story. Katniss and Gale go on countless hunting trips, and each time we’re on the edge of our seats, wondering if they’ll be caught. My heart swells when I think of these highlight events that mark the start of the story.

Looks like somebody got a boo-boo! Are you okay, Peeta?!

I don’t know about you, but all the visions in my head came true!  I just cannot wait until March 23rd, 2012, the day the movie premieres!

Best friends, Katniss and Gale, hunting together.

For everyone who has read the books, you know that Katniss gets stuck in a love triangle between Peeta and Gale. You know who she picked, but who were you rooting for? There have been Twi-hards, Gleeks, and Team Jacob vs. Team Edward.

I have one question to ask you: Team Peeta or Team Gale?

When Katniss and Peeta first met :)

I have to say, I am Team Gale. He is that strong, protective, fairytale-kind-of-guy. I just feel he has Katniss’s best interests in mind, and would always be there for her.

Although any girl would be lucky to get either guy! Tell me who you would pick if you were in Katniss’ position in my comments!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

— Caitlyn L., Grade 9, currently looking for something as interesting as the Hunger Games series…any suggestions? I’d love to hear about them in your comments…

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  1. If you liked the dystopic theme, violence, and strong female protagonist of The Hunger Games series, try Blood Red Road by Moira Young. 18-year-old Saba lives with her twin brother Lugh and little sister Emmi in a bleak, barren land near a dying lake. When Lugh is kidnapped by armed thugs, Saba lights out to rescue him, with little Emmi trailing behind. They too are captured, and Saba is forced to be a cage fighter until she and other prisoners can hatch a plan to escape and bring down the totalitarian government.

    Blood Red Road is more “down and dirty” than Hunger Games, in that there is no magic or sci fi help provided to the protagonists. It starts out slow, but I recommend sticking with it. There’s a great love story as well, but the book is gritty enough to appeal to guys as well. It’s been very popular in our library!

    • Gabby Gabby

      I don’t understand what you meant by “no magic provided for the protagonists.” The Hunger Games are set in the future, not in Fairyworld. No magic. It’s common sense that technology improved, and besides, the arena where The Games were held is rigged. No witchcraft included.

      • I said magic or sci fi. The help definitely was sci fi!

  2. While my best friend was also Team Gale, I must admit…from the very beginning I was Team Peeta. He’s just so sweet and caring. Swoon.

  3. Team Peeta, no question. He makes her a better person.

    • good choice

      • by good choice, i meant good choice to the peeta fan

  4. miranda t miranda t



  5. Emma Savage Emma Savage

    How can you guys say Team Gale? Do you not remember that it was Gale’s bomb that killed Prim who was the only person in the world Katniss was sure she loved. That is despicable and unforgivable. Gale will never be as good as Peeta. Peeta taught Katniss how to love again. Even if Peeta was never involved Katniss would not have married Gale. She told us that herself. So it has to be Team Peeta. As she said herself she needs the dandelion in the spring that promises a hope and a new beginning. It also promises that no matter how hard it gets, it will get better. She doesn’t need Gale’s fire. She has enough of her own. Gale was willing to stoop to the Capitol’s level and kill everyone and everything at all costs and show no one any mercy. This will never help Katniss. Katniss needs hope and not fire.

    • teamgale&edward teamgale&edward

      No, it was Coin’s bomb that killed Prim, and Im also team Gale btw. Gale is better for Katniss, and Peeta tried to kill Katniss in Mockingjay… So thats why Im team Gale. GO TEAM GALE!!

      • peeta tried to kill katniss because the capitol brain-washed him and replaced his
        memories of her with bad ones.

      • Woah. U screwed in the head. Have you even read mocking jay???? Gale designed the bombs that killed Prim. Peeta only tried to kill Katniss because his mind was hacked by the capital! Again, have you even read the book???

    • teamgaledidnotsetprimonfireomfg teamgaledidnotsetprimonfireomfg

      How can u say what u dont know? DId it ever say in the book ‘Gale’s bomb killed Prim.” NO! It said there was a chance but not for sure! they dont know! I HATE IT when people hate on Gale for such stupid reasons! And even if it WAS his bomb, it IS forgivable. Gale would never do that to Katniss! It would have been an accident, not his fault!

    • Callie Callie

      The reason why I say team Gale is because he reflects a lot of my own personal views on war. Not only that, he cares about family, has great morals and is trusting. I found it so hard for Katniss to reject him, even though I clearly understand why. Katniss does, however, mention that if it weren’t for the Hunger Games (if they never existed), she would have probably married him, and eventually escape 12, running away with him. However, if I was in Katniss’ shoes, I probably would’ve fallen for sweet, gentle Peeta after what she’d been through. Gale will never understand the trauma that they went through in the arena. All the tributes suffered the same way, that’s why they all had something in common that Gale will never understand (like the way Katniss goes to Finnick instead of Gale). The one thing that upset me most was how Collins disregarded Gale at the end of the book, making him sound like a player. Just carelessly moving on in life, acting as if Katniss was just a short-lived romance. They had SO much more than that!! I think that’s what bothers me most about the end of this novel.

  6. Quin Quin

    TEAM GALE!! forever and always!! Gale is perfect for Katniss
    He is strong and handsom and just amazing!!
    Team Gale is the BEST!!! And he will be mine<3

    • team peeta! He always loved her and would do anything for her, even if it meant death.

  7. Hailey Hailey

    Im Team Gale All The Way but im kinda Team Gale….gale understands katniss’s life way better than peeta evr will!!!!!!!i understand gale in a way killed prim but he is really hot=) peeta justs bakes bread…pretty petetic…& i can think of alot mor reasons why katniss belongs with gale

  8. Maria Kramer Maria Kramer

    I know that she and Gale have a lot in common, but sometimes what the hot-tempered, broody person needs isn’t more hot-tempered and broody, you know? Plus, Peeta is just the best all-around human being — really nice, bakes good cookies, willing to sacrifice himself to save the people he cares about, but also surprisingly emotionally stable for someone who’s gone through so much crap. Peeta, Peeta all the way.

    Although I still hate how Mockingjay ends. You know what I’m talking about, Peeta fans.

  9. bobbusnewbrick bobbusnewbrick

    Before I start, I will be saying some *spoilers*. With that said, I kind of wish I knew ahead of time so I could stop thinking about it and focus on the awesomeness of the rest of the book. While there is a certain amount of Twilightesque sappy romance in the book, putting the two men in teams is unnecessary simply because even before I read the trilogy, its fairly obvious whom Katniss will end up with, mainly because Gale is barely around for the first two books, while Peeta is almost constantly by her side. With that said, you have a very immature view on relationships if you think Gale and Katniss have any sort of compatibility. Sure he’s athletic and dreamy… pretty much the only thing people seem to side with him for. Seems a little shallow. Gale is way too similar to Katniss, in all the wrong ways, and for them to work as anything other than very close friends doesn’t make sense. If you read the book, you will realize that Katniss an unstable, emotional wreck, that needs some sort of grounding. Gale could never give her this, mainly because he is very preoccupied with other important things in his life, and is himself unstable and rash.

    So of course Team Peeta.

  10. I am so sick and tired of hearing “team gale, cuz he’s hot.” News flash people, Josh Hutcherson is playing Peeta, so Peeta’s hot too! Peeta had always loved Katniss, since they were 5! Gale didn’t love Katniss until after she was with Peeta, Peeta is also super sweet and would do anything for her! He went right back to District 12, when she did Gale went off to District 2 instead! Oh, and *SPOILER*, she chooses Peeta, so haha Team Gale, everyone on Team Peeta rocks! And P.S, DOWN WITH THE CAPITOL!!!!!!

    • teamgale&edward teamgale&edward

      SO WHAT?? Gale is still wayyyy better than Peeta for Katniss, she used to hate Peeta. Their love wasnt even real. It was just fake for the capitol and the Hunger Games, GO TEAM GALE

    • teamgaledidnotsetprimonfireomfg teamgaledidnotsetprimonfireomfg

      I still dont understand how Peeta could have loved Katniss since they were 5. He never even talked to her before, how could he love her?! the only other way is looks, because he had no idea what Katniss was like….so that isnt realy love.

      Oh, and Gale didnt abandon KAtniss. I wouldnt blame Gale for leaving to district 2, actually. i would have done the same. How can u stand the pain of it all? Gale had to provide for 2 families, barely being able to provide for his own, while watching his love of his life slowly dying on tv. right before his eyes. the only person he could count on to save her was Peeta, and he couldnt even do that! KATNISS had to save PEETA! then they fall in love, and Gale is left behind, forgotten and abused by love. Gale didnt abandon Katniss, Katniss abandoned Gale.

      • peeta did not fall in love with her for her looks, it was because of when he heard her sing her fathers song in front if the whole class.

    • Beatriz Beatriz

      (high five) I love Josh Hutcherson and Peeta!!

    • Callie Callie

      No, Katniss specifically asked Gale when he started to care for her. He told her that when they were in the Hob after New Years, and Darius started hitting on her, wanting to trade “kisses for a rabbit” she caught, he suddenly minded how people treated her. In other words, Gale wanted to protect her. I am team Gale, but I do agree that the excuse for “he’s hot!” is truly disappointing. Gale has the mind of a soldier. Someone who cares for the people he loves and will go to extremes to save them. It was out of his control that the bomb killed Prim. People claim that Collins was going for the cruel realities of war; well she succeeded. I just wish that Katniss ended up with the boy who understood her most, from the day their fathers died in the mines.

  11. Why Team Gale? Ok, he’s hot, so is Peeta. Katniss never had anything more than a friendship with Gale, and felt an immediate connection with Peeta. Who was comforting katniss when she had nightmares? Not Gale! Peeta always got in her bed to calm her down, and even sometimes get in her bed when she didn’t have nightmares. So, Lauren, Billie, Emma, Maria, bobbusnewbrick, I agree with all of you Team Peeta 4evr <3! Katniss Mellark!

  12. OK, so I’ll say it right now, I am neither Team Gale, nor Team Peeta. I am on the best team of all…TEAM FINNICK, BABY!!!!! If you agree, please reply and let me know you do, c’mon, I don’t want to be alone on this!

    • Sarn Sarn

      Heck yea TEAM FINNICK he is definitely the coolest awesomest person in the entire series but between the whole katniss peeta gale thing opposites attract peeta and katniss are opposite he bakes bread she kills things he kind and thoughtful and she is kind but not in the same way she is.kind towards.people she loves but that’s it gale and katniss are to much alike to be together but I. Like gale.a lot and I like him better than peeta but peeta and katniss are meant to be



  14. Erika Erika

    I have to admit that I went back and forth between Gale and Peeta while reading the trilogy. Peeta seems a bit weak compared to Gale. H is too nice, too trusting, too infatuated with Katniss . . too hokey. Even his looks come into play: he is all innocence, sweetness, and light, like a friendly puppy, while Gale is tall, dark, handsome–and sinister.
    Peeta proved himself to be more than a pretty face during the games, but I found him irritating due to his slavish devotion to Katniss. She treated him badly as a general rule, but he kept coming back for more.
    Yes, bobbusnewbrick, she needed grounding and someone who was the opposite of her, but did Peeta *ever* grow a pair?
    All of that said, the last book leaves no room for interpretation. Team Peeta. All the way.
    Finally, there is another excellent trilogy you might like, starting with “The Golden Compass.”

    Team Peeta!

  15. Martina Martina

    Team Peeta! I was never on Gale’s side… “Best friends” usually never end up together to be honest in my point of view… Plus, it takes a lot of guts to confess your love like Peeta did.. It was Gale’s fault for being silent..

    I think the reason why you guys are picking Gale is because you guys don’t know what he did… He’s bad-ass and all…but….he’s too much. :| he’s kinda heartless… Sorry Gale fans.

    • teamgaledidnotsetprimonfireomfg teamgaledidnotsetprimonfireomfg

      well technically, Peeta didnt confess his love. Haymitch, Cinna, Effie, and the others forced him to say that, to get sponsers. he might have really loved her in the inside, but it doesnt really count. Katniss knew Haymitch and the others told Peeta to say i t, so it technically doesnt count :/

  16. emma emma

    im am totally team Peeta!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes strong protective and he loves katniss to death <3

    • teamgaledidnotsetprimonfireomfg teamgaledidnotsetprimonfireomfg

      i respect u r Team Peeta, and i perfer Katniss go with Peeta also. But Peeta is not protective of Katniss. Peeta never took care of Katniss in the books. Katniss took care of Peeta, kept him alive. So im sorry, but Peeta is strong, but i guess he wasnt strong enough to save Katniss. she had to save HIM

      • Cait Cait

        That is so not true! He was willing to give up his life, first, so she wouldn’t go to the feast and then, second, so that she could go home instead of him. And then in Mockingjay he risked his life to warn 13 about the bombing. HE WAS TRYING TO SAVE KATNISS ALL ALONG!!!! Even when he was in the clutches of the capitol he portrayed her as a confused, pregnant girl to save her! Peeta was allways trying to save Katniss.

  17. Definantly team peeta…..everyone knows tht peeta and katniss are meant for each other plus peeta is sweet, kind, amazing, and totally hot….and gale is just a jerk in every way he’s like all the duesh bags any girl would date but in all sense peeta is the guy every girl needs so come on ladies be on team peeta <3 :D

  18. bella bella


  19. Gabby Gabby

    I respect Team Gale fans, but I don’t get why they are still rooting for a relationship to bloom between him and Katniss. They had a fling, sure, but Katniss and Peeta are married now. With two children.

    Katniss even said herself: “That what I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that.

    So after, when he whispers, ‘You love me. Real or not real?’

    I tell him, ‘Real.'”

    Gale and Katniss, they’re cute. But Peeta and Katniss? They’re destined.

    • Beatriz Beatriz

      Every time I hear that part i want to cry tears of joy!!!

    • Peyton Peyton

      that is like the best part, it’s so adorably romantic and beatriz, i want to cry tears of joy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lyselle Lyselle

    Team Gale <3

    Peeta just irritated me throughout all of the books. I get that he's all sweet and nice and devoted, but really. He fell in love with Katniss at the age of five? He didn't even know Katniss as a person; more likely he fell in love with the idea of Katniss :/

    • Stephanie Stephanie

      totally agree with the falling in love with the idea of Katniss

    • teamgaledidnotsetprimonfireomfg teamgaledidnotsetprimonfireomfg

      i know !! Peeta had never even talked to Katniss, how could he love her without knowing her!? because of her looks? thats not true love…

  21. Stephanie Stephanie

    Gale and Katniss are soulmates and were meant to be. I hate hearing all this crap on how he was just like the captiol because he went a little overboard on the whole bomb thing. Everyone has weaknesses and had their fair shares of mental breakdowns in the books! I know Peeta cares greatly for Katniss….but BS he loved her when he was 5…I dont care what the book said. Everyones says that Katniss is in love with Peeta but yet why do her thoughts always end up going to Gale when its all said and done? What Katniss and Gale had was natural, not some show they put on for the hunger games. I would totally be on teamc Peeta but, Gale and Katniss I feel have always been in love, it just took them almost losing each other to realize how much more they care for each other. Im on team Gale because I cant help but feel how much it would suck to watch someone you care for greatly get taken away from you because you never got the chance to tell them because they were already…
    Team Gale<3

    • Peyton Peyton

      the fact is, katniss picked peeta. i think she made the right choice, definitley. gale had feelings for katniss, but katniss had feelings for only peeta. gale and katniss were just really close friends.

      team peeta 4ever!!!!!!!!! <3

  22. teamgaledidnotsetprimonfireomfg teamgaledidnotsetprimonfireomfg


    • Stephanie Stephanie

      well said

    • Callie Callie

      I agree. It also bothers me how bitter Collins made Gale sound at the end. How she makes it sound like Gale is living the life in District 2 with a fancy job while Katniss is back in dreary District 12. Katniss had the chance to go with him, live THAT life with him and start somewhere new. She would have been upbeat, being somewhere were life blossomed around her. She even abandons her mother to a point when they both could have found hope in each other. She has nobody to blame but herself. Gale always came to her with open arms, and she turned bitter towards him which frustrated the hell out of me. He did so much for her, and she pays him back like this? If he didn’t love her, he wouldn’t have kept her family alive, wouldn’t have watched the games with them, wouldn’t have gone back to her room in 13 to save her paraphernalia ….she needed to open her eyes.

    • randomperson randomperson

      really people, teams are NOT THAT IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! they’re both great for katniss, and she picked peeta. GET OVER IT!!!!!!

    • mockjay 5401 mockjay 5401

      Ur so right! This is terrible how everyone is bashing Gale. Peeta might have killed Prim! He could of murdered her for all i know!

  23. Mackenzie23 Mackenzie23

    Team Peeta All the way!!!!! <3

  24. venus00 venus00

    I am neither team gale nor team peeta .peeta and katniss were meant to be but i think gale would’ve been happier if he found the girl like peeta but im sure if anybody finds a guy llike peeta or gale even if peeta bakes bread or if gale sorta is like the capitol for the bomb i think they’re both great

    P.S. If i had to choose 4 me i would do a mix of the bravery of gale and the kindness of peeta they’re both really great guys



    • Beatriz Beatriz

      me too that would be my kind of guy but for katniss, PEETA!!

  25. stalker stalker


    • Peyton Peyton

      really, peeta is waaaayyy better than gale. peeta was always there for katniss!!!


    I full heartedly understand both sides. Gale is hot and protective and it was more natural. But to be honest, it was only more natural in the beginning. In the end PEETA was always the one there for katniss, on or off the camera. PEETA understood her when she didnt know what to say PEETA was saving her, when she was having nightmares, PEETA was the one she wanted, she never said she wanted Gale to be there to comfort her. I dont even know why it is a question because she wants PEETA no gale. Gale is like a the ultimate “dream guy” but definitely not for her. Gale was just a really good friend who was there when she was unstable.


  28. sydney sydney

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo team peeta! At first i was team gale but after one of the bomb’s he made killed prim, the only thing she knew she actually loved, i turned to team peeta. He is so sweet and will give up his life to save u, that makes 4 a perfect boyfriend!

  29. laurel laurel

    SHE SHOULD HAVE MARRIED GALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were so much more natural together and he kissed her that day and she said it was better then her kisses with Peeta. Sorry Peeta fans but you guys have to face that Gale would be so much better for Katniss.


    • Peyton Peyton

      the kiss with gale was only better because the peeta kisses were for survival, at least in the beginning. and gale is in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM HOTTER THAN PEETA!!!!!!!!

  30. yoyo yoyo

    team haymitch

    • Cait Cait

      Whoop whoop! Go team Haymitch!

  31. Kailey Kailey

    I am defiantly team Peeta!!! Gale had no idea what Katniss was going through in the Hunger Games, and i kind of felt like he was mad that she had a lot of emotional stuff afterwards, but Peeta stuck by her side the whole time. Also Peeta brings out the best in Katniss and he is adorable and romantic and you can tell by reading the book that he only wants the best for her. Gale on the other hand was just kind of awkward by kissing her in the woods randomly and stuff and being all jealous of Peeta. I do agree that Gale is more “like” Katniss, but as they say… opposites attract :) <3 <3

    (ps i am sorry to say I am glad Gale kind of "faded" away after the last book…)

  32. Callie Callie

    Let’s see here. I was really rooting for Gale in these series. In the first book, Gale made promises to Katniss to keep her family alive and well, and he could relate to her. They both understood what it was like to care for families, lost the fathers that held the seams of them together. They even appeared more than just friends – people in 12 had to say they were cousins to protect Katniss and Gale. During the games, Peeta came across to me as pathetic. His actions drove me insane, whereas the entire time I was thinking, “Gale wouldn’t be acting like this. He would be stronger, much better fit for a strong girl like Katniss”. The second book, Gale was truly heartbroken to lose Katniss AGAIN. He risked his life to save the ones he cared for when the Capital bombed 12. He risked his life multiple times afterwards to save Katniss and be there for her when he was just shrugged off by her. He was trying to help her in his own way, and she completely denied it. Whether she liked it or not, he wanted a life free of the capital for everyone’s safety. I think he’s the more genuine and realistic person.

  33. Peyton Peyton

    team peeta, all the way!!!!!!!!!!! he was perfect for katniss the whole way. gale was just a friend, katniss even said so!!!!! who was there for katniss when she had the nightmares?? peeta. who really understood what katniss went through while fighting for her life???? peeta. and who killed prim??? well, not peeta, that’s for sure. sure, gale understood the whole starving thing, but peeta was perfect for her forever, and gale was just a friend. sorry gale fans, just accept the fact that peeta is perfect for katniss and gale was just her friend. and peeta fell in love with katniss at age 5!!!! that’s meant to be, seriously.

    • Cait Cait

      I totally agree with everything you said! And also when she chose Gale and the revolution she then went to bed and caught herself wishing Peeta was with her! She loves Peeta, not Gale! Admit it Gale fans she doesn’t love Gale!

  34. Cait Cait

    TEAM PEETA! I am definatly team Peeta. He is affectionate and sweet and king and clearly love Katnis. I am not saying Gale doesn’t but I think Peeta loves her more. Also I feel more upset when Peeta gets hurt and not so much when Gale gets hurt. I was devastated when Peeta found out that the way Katniss acted was just for the show but when Gale got whipped i was like ‘oh’ but that’s it. Maybe I’m just a sucker for blonde, sweet, affectionate guys but I’m team Peeta all the way! TEAM PEETA!!!

    • Cait Cait


  35. mockjay 5401 mockjay 5401

    I love hunger games> GALE did not kill Prim! Peeta could have you Peeta Lovers! Gale is different if u understand him and his smarticle Particles!

  36. Team Peeta. If Katniss married Gale I would never smile again.:( Ah sh*t! But then again…. If gale married katniss then i could get Peeta to myself. Damn though. If i was only 5 years older.

  37. Team peers but my sis is team Cato.

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