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The Monday Poll: Your Favorite Villain

Photo by Flickr user Saturn
Hello, readers!

Last week we asked about the most epic anime/manga face-off, and you’ve decided: it’s Kira v. L in Death Note! You can check the results of the votes for this and any other poll in the polls archive. Thanks to everyone who voted!

This week begins with my favorite holiday, Halloween, so we’re thinking scary. We’re thinking evil. We’re thinking nasty, horrible, bad bad bad–so we want to know who your favorite villain is. Vote in the poll to the right or leave a comment if we’ve omitted someone truly odious.

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  1. I know that this will date me – but – the all time scariest Evil-Doer in my book is Malificent from the story of Sleeping Beauty. The Disney version is creepily enchanting and at the same time elegant ;-D

    …a newer villain that touched me for it’s imagination is the violin playing villain assassin of the “Century Quartet” by Pierdomenico Baccalario

    Robyn @ReadingItAll

  2. sky sky

    discord from my little pony.

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