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Book to Film: Out Today and Coming Soon

Book-to-film adaptation are not a new thing. Most of the earliest feature-length films–even before sound–were based on classic or pulp novels and serials. Sometimes today, it’s hard to tell what movies are based on books. (Although if you need help, the Mid-Continent Public Library’s Based on the Book tool should help!) John Green and his Nerdfighters even have a viral pact to “Read the Book First.” Well, I hate to say it, but if you haven’t read the book for today’s big feature, you’re not going to get anything else done.

Out Today

Breaking Dawn



Here it is. The first of a two-part finale to Stephenie Meyer’s humongous Twilight series. In this, the first step to saying goodbye to the film franchise, what are we expecting? How many parts of the book that we have always wanted to see translated onto screen will actually make it there? I, as a reader, thought there were so many scenes in Twilight (the novel) that had extreme cinematic potential. Most of them did not make it into the final cut of the film, or did not play out as I would have expected them to. What scenes are you hoping to see? (And if you saw it very early this morning, not too many spoilers!)

Coming Soon




I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited that Martin Scorsese has taken on The Invention of Hugo Cabret. His eye is perfect for such a combination of mystery, excitement, and magic that Brian Selznick provides with his own genius vision. Brian Selznick’s own work is a brilliant combination of image and words (here’s a preview of it on Google Books) and the story itself was made for film. The movie comes out next Wednesday, the 23rd. Plenty of time to read the book first!


The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn



I may not be as big a fan of The Adventures of Tintin as some people, but I know a great when I see it. I did dabble in it as a very young youth, and know that this film has the potential to be either very amazing or very disappointing.  The film doesn’t come out until the 21st of December, but I don’t think that’s yet enough time to cover the entirety of the comic series, which was written over the course of nearly fifty years. But you do have plenty of time to amble your way through The Secret of the Unicorn, the original Herge comic this film (the first of many, we hope) was based on.


There are numerous films coming out in the next year or two based on some of my favorite YA novels. What are you anticipating most?

— Jessica Pryde just finished The Return: Shadow Souls by L. J. Smith