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Continuing Our Intersection of Bests

Lists of this year’s best books are continuing to appear, and some of the same titles still seem to be showing up on every list. Since our last post on the subject, the New York Times, Kirkus and Barnes & Noble have all released their best of the year lists as well.

On the yalsa_bk listserv yesterday, school librarian Gina Beirne shared a Wordle that captures the trends in year end lists visually.

Click through for a larger image

Gina says:

I got the idea for using Wordle because it seemed like there were repetitions in the titles from the various lists. Instead of sorting through the list, I thought it would be more useful to see a visual representation.

As a follow-up, I tweaked the Wordle with a different color scheme, pulled it into a PowerPoint slide, and added a title and the source information. I printed the slide for handouts in my library and for the English teachers in my building. I also sent it to our building’s Parent Partner, who is the liaison between our faculty and parents; she shares information with parents via email on a daily basis and is always happy to pass on items I share. I also blogged about it [on Tumblr]. I’m always trying to get the word out about quality literature for teens. Literature + technology = awesome!

This is a really great use of Wordle, which I usually just think of as a way to summarize a bunch of text by looking at which words appear most often, or to make fun word art. Wordle has implications beyond these when we think creatively and cross reference multiple sources.

Thanks for sharing, Gina!

Anyone else have a great Wordle about YA books? Or an out-of-the box way of thinking about the best books of 2011?

Erin Daly, currently reading How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr

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  1. Thanks for including me! I see the SLJ lists are out now so I will be revising my Wordle. Also wondering if the Printz award can be predicted from my Wordle…

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