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Book Review-Yeah! by Peter Bagge & Gilbert Hernandez

Yeah! is a 2012 Great Graphic Novels for Teens Nomination.

When I was young, I figured I would split my time between writing children’s books and signing in a rock band. Being in the band is an aspiration held by many a young girl, and for a lucky few, a reality.

Peter Bagge envisioned this world in zealous delight with his graphic novel Yeah! Bagge is known for his adult comic Hate and was inspired by his young daughter to create a comic about a girl group. Bagge co-created Yeah! with famed graphic novelist Gilbert Hernandez to illustrate the 9 issue comic series now collected in one graphic novel.

As a long time fan of Hernandez’s Palomar and Love & Rockets, it was a real treat to see his familiar drawing style across the pages of Yeah! Hernandez has a knack for conjuring up Dan DeCarlo (of Archie fame), with his own unique zany twist.

WooWoo, Krazy, and Honey are not your average girl group. When not in suburban New Jersey, they play shows in outer space, where it turns out they are famous. Readers are in for a wild ride as they follow the band’s intergalactic adventures.

Old school comic fans, pop music lovers, and alien aficionados will enjoy Yeah!–it’s even Comics Code approved.

— Marie Penny, currently reading A Drunken Dream and Other Stories by Moto Hagio