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Our YA Lit Resolutions for 2012

Are you the resolution-making type? We here at The Hub are! As we bid farewell to 2011 and welcome 2012, check out what our YA lit resolutions are for the coming year:

Amanda Margis: “After reading 200 books in 2011 I resolve NEVER to do that again. I also resolve to read more titles outside my comfort zone as I’m always pleasantly surprised that I enjoy them.”

Mia Cabana: “My resolution is to nominate titles I feel passionately about for awards and lists–I always assume someone else is on top of that! Time for me to step up to the plate … er, shelf.”

Jessica Pryde: “I resolve to read more new YA novels, sooner. No longer will ARCs and pre-orders of award-winning novels sit on my (physical and digital) shelves, waiting, longing for me to pick them up as I work on the backlog of books from three, four, five years ago. Which means I need to hurry up and read that backlog, too.”

Maria Kramer: “My resolution is to actually read the excellent YA books currently languishing on my bookshelf, instead of reading so much fanfiction!”

Laura Perenic: “I resolve to spend less time reading the popular stuff that will be checked out and read without my help. I want to highlight lesser known works and classics that are thought of as boring to help expanded my horizons and those the teens I serve. I will actively search out books to buy for my library’s collection that have strong and diverse covers, whenever possible. And lastly I promise to write authors and tell them why I like their books and encourage them to write more. I will start by writing Cecil Castellucci to say that First Day On Earth was nearly perfect and I can’t for her to write more.”

Emily Calkins: “This year I resolve to read something recommended to me by the teens at my library every month. Normally I read whatever I want (*coughfantasycough*) but I want to branch out and connect with my patrons by reading what they like to read!”

Faythe Arredondo: “I resolve to read the classics I said I would read in 2011! Ooops.”

Amy Pelman: “I resolve to listen to more audiobooks … while exercising!”

Kate Pickett: “I resolve to read all the Alex Award honorees. I try to read them every year, but something else always seems to take priority, but this year I am making it a resolution and getting it done!”

Sarah Wethern: “In 2012 I really want to read outside my YA comfort zone! That means more fantasy and sci-fi and diving back into the paranormal realm unfortunately (I became burnt out on paranormal stories years ago now). I also plan to read through the entire Printz back list–winners and honor books.”

Ariel Cummins: “My 2012 literary resolution is to read less from lists and more from browsing. Sometimes I get so caught up in catching up with my to-be-read pile that I forget to just grab a book that looks interesting and dive in.”

Sharon Rawlins: “I love the HBO series of George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones so my resolution for 2012 is to read all of the books.”

Erin Daly: “My reading resolution is to read more manga. It is too popular with my teens for me to lack familiarity with a variety of series.”

Do you have YA lit-related resolutions for 2012? Share them in the comments!


  1. Ha – I love Amanda’s resolution and mine’s similar! I resolve to take the pressure off my reading by setting a lower goal. :D

    • Amanda Margis Amanda Margis

      I blame Goodreads. Ever since I started on there I yearly increase my numbers and find myself scrambling come December. It’s a sickness.
      I think this year I’m going to set more specific reading goals like finally reading all the Printz winners and honors.

  2. Dee Dee Davis Dee Dee Davis

    For a long time I spaced my reading evenly between non-fiction, YA fiction, classic, and adult fiction. However, my teens and co-workers are constantly shoving books in my face (Read: Daughter of Smoke and Bone. ZOMG! So good!)and my little plan had gone to seed. On the bright side, I’ve discovered books they like to read and, what do you know? I fell in love with too! Fancy that, eh? I think I’ll just continue to take recommendations and pull a classic from the school reading list and call it a day. Next up is one of my boyfriend’s favorites, “The Once and Future King.”

  3. Laura has the same resolution as me! I too plan to “spend less time reading the popular stuff that will be checked out and read without my help.” Well said, Laura!

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