What is it Exactly? The Art of the Adventures of Tintin App

I learned about the Art of the Adventures of Tintin app via an article in TechCrunch titled “TinTin iPad Art Book Blurs The Line Between Books, Movies, And Apps.” The article made me very curious to see how the app works and how it is and isn’t like a traditional physical book. So, I bought it. I think the best way to let you in on the features of the app is through a screencast – which you can check-out below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkR9qkfBG44&w=420&h=315]

As I think you can see from the screencast, there are a lot of features in the app. Anyone interested in Tintin (the books or the movie), graphic novels, graphic design, comics, or moviemaking will likely find something to delve into in this app. The $5.99 price tag is a lot less than the $39.99 purchase price for the physical coffee table book of the same title. As TechCrunch says about the app, “It has all the same art work, plus a whole lot more 3D models of the characters and vehicles from the movie that you can spin around, HD video clips, and immersive 360-degree experiences.”

The app does demonstrate how movies, books, and apps can overlap. With the app there are text and images, as is the case with many fiction and non-fiction books. But there is also interactivity and video. As a result The Art of the Adventures of Tintin app extends the traditional framework of a physical book. Readers and viewers get the chance to read, watch, and interact. And, for at least some, those interactive components make the content more compelling. At least for me this makes me wonder, “How do we define what a book is?” Is this simply a book in app form or is it something new? Is it something that hasn’t been defined or named yet? These are questions that lots of people will have to consider as the e-book and e-reading landscape continues to grow and change.

Is this the coffee table book of the future? I’d say “yes.” And, actually, since the app exists today, I guess that means the future is here.

— Linda Braun