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To the victor go the spoils.

In December we announced our first-ever writing competition. I gave you titles to choose from, and you submitted story summaries based on those titles. The Hub bloggers voted to create a shortlist of those summaries to open to the general readership for voting on the best story summary. Below the post is a form that you can use to vote for your favorite. Voting will be open for one week and will close at 11:59pm EST on February 13. We’ll announce the winner at the conclusion of the voting. The winner will receive the monkey paperweight and an official 2012 Printz calendar.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story. I can say that voting for me was difficult because there were so many great submissions. Good luck to all of the contestants.

Heal Thyself by Katie Bradley
Meredith has never been sick. Ever. And with the huge giant plague sweeping the nation, Mer begins to wonder if maybe she’s a little different. When she falls off a three story building unharmed during a fight with her bad boy boyfriend Skull, she knows that she is different. She can heal herself. With the help of dorky but adorable Ethan (who might be secretly in love with Meredith since 3rd grade), Mer tries to create a cure for the horrible plague. And now she must hurry since Skull and Ethan both get infected with the disease. Can she not only heal herself but the one she loves?

Your Meat, My Poison by Sarah Flood
A werewolf in love with a vampire who is cursed by a fairy, just your typical love story. Lupina is your average werewolf for a taste for vampire flesh. Tolstoy lives for the blood of werewolves, but has been cursed by Rose Petal to fall in love with beautiful Lupina. Lupina is drawn to Tolstoy, but cannot tell if it is his flesh or his love that she wants. Throw in the fact that Rose Petal is also in love with Lupina and watch the hilarious hijinks that follow! Will love or hunger win out? Find out in Your Meat, My Poison.

Night Tripper by Sarah Howison
George Ringo Robinson has a good reason to be upset. For starters, his parents named him after not one, but TWO Beatles, and not even the cool ones. Then he got beaten up by one of the kids at school, and the weirdo BIT him.  Suddenly he’s got the worst sunburn of his life, he can’t stay awake in class, and his father’s famous garlic bread makes him barf. Now George has to figure out how to survive sophomore year as a brand-new vampire. If he wants to live to see eleventh grade, he’ll have to ditch outdoor PE, introduce himself to a new girl named Pru, and stand in as the lead singer for an all-vampire Beatles cover band. Talk about a hard day’s night.

Two Doves & The Owl by Andrea Ingala
Relatively happily married couple hires boy-next-door babysitter who slowly seduces the mother of four. Story is told by mother and kid in alternating chapters; both tell wildly different versions–the mother says he initiated, the kid says she did (who doesn’t love an unreliable narrator?). The story comes to a head when the husband confronts the kid–as told by the mother. The last chapter is a news article about an unidentified body found in a nearby town.

Story of the Trapper by Karl Siewert
Historical fiction/fantasy set in the ’80s features a trendy three-ring binder that holds more than just worksheets. Lori discovers that the used Trapper Keeper she got from Goodwill can tell her what her classmates are thinking, about her and about each other!

Your Meat, My Poison by Stephanie Wilkes
Suzie is a strict vegetarian and has moved from Idaho, land of potatoes plenty, to Texas … right next to a cattle farm. As if moving hundreds of miles away from her friends wasn’t enough, now she is witness daily to cows being branded, some being sent for slaughter, and the sounds throughout the night. After a bit of bravery, Suzie decides to confront the farm owner and meets their 19-year old son, Aaron, instead. While he is stacking hay bales. Shirtless. With OMG abs of steel. Instantly they connect and as they become closer and closer, Aaron and Suzie must decide if their relationship is worth the fight.

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