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And The World Will Know…

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This year’s Fabulous Films for Young Adults list is themed “Song and Dance.” Now, I realize this might not be everybody’s cuppa tea (but if you’re hearing “Tea for Two” in your head at this very moment, you are NOT who I’m referring to!). Take my partner for instance. Before we were dating, I once heard him say that he could never date anyone who likes musicals. Well, boy was he wrong … we’ve been together almost 10 years!

I will watch (or read) anything with dance in it. When I was a teen it used to be Janet Jackson videos and movies like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Now for the more, ahem, modern person, there is a nice renaissance of dance awesomeness to go around. See Mia Cabana’s post on Ballet Books for Teens. And we dance fans salivate when “So You Think You Can Dance” comes back around to our televisions. It’s looking like the new show “Smash” on NBC is going to have some good moves to watch as well. But speaking of Renaissance, I must assert that the time is NOW for a particular film to have its own resurgence. Jessica Pryde mentioned this little film in her post about June.

Yes, folks, I’m talking about Newsies. This rebirth begins with the fact that it is an esteemed selection for Fabulous Films for Young Adults 2012, and where it ends … world domination? We shall just have to wait and see.

This guy... (Photo courtesy of lipslikepetals on Flickr)

If you’re not familiar with this flick, just let me say a few things to help you understand my hype. Christian Bale. Singing and dancing. Yes, you read that right. The brooding Dark Knight in full Disney Musical splendor. Not only that, he’s wearing knickers.

Newsies is a musical set in the late 1800s when (true story) newspaper boys were being thoroughly exploited by the likes of William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. The boys, who were known as “newsies,” rose up and went on strike! Refusing to sell papers and singing “The World Will Know!”

Aside from Christian Bale, the dancing, being on the FFYA 2012 list, and the great historical aspects of this fine film (which I watched over and over again with my friends in high school), there is yet another reason for it to once again become very popular. It’s being made into a live action musical! I have a feeling it’s going to be a smash hit on Broadway. I might make a pilgrimage all the way from California to see it. Or maybe I’ll just pop that DVD in again and make some popcorn.

— Amy Pelman, currently listening to The Girl is Murder, by Katherine Miller Haines


  1. Newsies is the BEST. I used to be so obsessed with that movie. I made my husband watch it before we were even dating; he went along with it because he was trying to impress me.

  2. Kate Kate

    Ahhhh! “Newsies”. World Domination is in it’s sights! SO fun. Such a feel good flick. Well written and fun to read! :)

  3. Oh my GOD!! You don’t even understand – I saw the ‘Newsies’ pic in my blog feed and just had to click. Like a compulsion!

    I freakin love this movie!

    True fact – ‘Newsies’ was the lowest grossing Disney movie, ever (unfathomable, right?) but it was directed by Kenny Ortega, or also directed the highest grossing Disney movie ever, ‘High School Musical’.

    Oh, I love, love, love this movie! Christian Bale, *sigh*. Some women may day-dream about him as Bruce Wayne, but I like my Jack Kelly singing about Santa Fe!

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