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Gail Carriger News + How Book Covers Are Made

Gail Carriger (headshot by Robert Andruszko)

I recently fell in love with the writings of Gail Carriger. I can’t even recall how I discovered her. Perhaps it was through reference to her web site (“Hail the Victorious Parasol“), well-loved by fans (and now me!). For the steampunk uninitiated (or newly initiated), her web site is a great way to get into the whole steampunk “vibe.” Regardless of how it happened, I’m just glad that I did discover her. Many of you may already be familiar with her extremely popular steampunk series, The Parasol Protectorate. Though technically an adult series due to some mature sexual content, the series could also be appropriate for older teens. In that series, readers meet heroine Alexia Tarabotti, a woman armed with a silver-plated parasol worthy of taking on any vampires or werewolves. And there are vampires, werewolves, and ghosts aplenty in Carriger’s version of Victorian England.

Soulless, vol. 1

This series may also have popped on many radars since Yen Press recently released a manga version of the first book in the series, entitled Soulless. (Incidentally, the manga stays very faithful to the original novel–also titled Soulless–the artwork is terrific, and Soulless Volume 2 is scheduled for release in November 2012!)

New YA series from Carriger!

In even more exciting news, Carriger is set to release her first book in a new series for young adults! The series is called The Finishing School Series, and the first of four books will be called Etiquette & Espionage (due out in late 2012/early 2013). In Carrigers own words, from her web site:

The Finishing School Series is set in the same world as The Parasol Protectorate series, only 25 years earlier, and features a finishing academy located in a giant caterpillar-like dirigible floating over Dartmoor in which young ladies are taught to … finish … everything … and everyone … as needed. There will be steampunk etiquette! There will be well-dressed espionage! There will be Victorian fake food. There will be flying mechanical sausage dogs named Bumbersnoot…

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to check it out.

And for those of you who have ever wondered what kind of effort goes into making a book cover, there was a really cool video posted on YouTube just the other day featuring the cover for Carriger’s book Blameless (one of the Parasol Protectorate books). Very interesting to see how everything comes together from step one through editing to the final book cover image. Enjoy!

— Nicole Dolat, currently listening to the audio book of Carter Finally Gets It

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  1. It’s as if Gail Carringer got inside my head and picked out all the things like and tossed them together for this new YA series–I can’t wait!!

  2. Jessica M Jessica M

    I love all of Gail Carriger’s books and I cannot wait for “Espionage and Etiquette!!”

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