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Readers’ Choice Nominations–What’s New?

Hello readers! I’ve posted a couple of times already about the opportunity you have to nominate books you read and enjoy this year for YALSA’s Readers’ Choice list. Each month the nominations are posted on YALSA’s site–check out the latest nominations.

So what do you think of these titles? Do you agree that they are worthy? Did The Fault in Our Stars move you to tears? Was Pandemonium a worthy sequel? Use the comments below to create a discussion about them! If you read one of these books, feel free to nominate it yourself (the more nominations a title receives, the more likely it is to appear on the final year end ballot.)

I haven’t read all of these nominations and am using them to build my to-read list. Under A Never Sky sounds great to me. Nominated for this year’s wild card category–Dystopia–the nominator says, “Rossi creates an unusally well-realized world with characters that live beyond the pages of this slim volume. While I’m often complaining about bloated books–I really wish this one went on much longer! I absolutely loved it, will recommend it highly and can’t wait for any future volumes.”

I love books about the afterlife, and The Catastrophic History of You and Me was described by the nominator thusly: “What a fresh take on the afterlife! Characters are realistic and emotions are true. Cried more over this book than any I have read in a long time.” This title was nominated for the Romance category.

Don’t forget that anyone can nominate a title (with few exceptions, such as the authors themselves–see our policy for details). This means teens can nominate too! Librarians, please encourage your teen readers to nominate the books they love. It’s as simple as read, enjoy, nominate. The updated, simple form can be found on YALSA’s website. I’ll be checking in next month to let you know about the latest round of nominations. Will one of the books you read be mentioned here? Tune in to find out!

— Sarah Debraski, currently reading Paper Covers Rock by Jenny Hubbard for the Best of the Best Reading Challenge

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Sarah Debraski

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