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Speak Your Book Passion: YALSA’s Readers’ Choice List

If there is anything I can count on among YALSA members, it would be that there will always be passionate discussions about YA books. Whatever the form of the book or the forum for the discussion — we definitely have book opinions. So take your book passion and voice it with YALSA’s Readers’ Choice List.

  • Speak your book passion by giving your opinions of the current nominations (new ones were just posted recently!).
  • Speak your book passion by nominating the books published this year that you believe should be on the list.
  • Speak your book passion by nominating titles already on the list because the more nominations a book receives, the more likely it will appear on the ballot in November.
  • Speak your book passion by getting others (teens, librarians, educators, and so on) to nominate their favorites (or your favorites!).
  • Speak your book passion by getting out the vote come November.

To get the party moving this month, I’m excited to see The Year of the Beasts nominated. The nominator wrote, “This book alternates between prose chapters (about two sisters and a summer of love, jealousy, and heartbreak) and graphic novel chapters (about a high school where the students are turning into mythological creatures).” Who could resist that one? But should it be nominated in the Realistic Fiction category or the SciFi/Fantasy or …?

Or how about Bitterblue? Was it all you had hoped for after waiting for this companion to Graceling and Fire? Were you possibly disappointed, or did it simply overwhelm you with its awesomeness?

Add your comments below AND be sure to nominate on the simple form available on YALSA’s website!

— Crystal Faris, member of the Readers’ Choice Task Force, currently reading Crewel by Gennifer Albin

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