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Reader Response: Okay for Now

Everyone who finished the 2012 Best of the Best Reading Challenge by reading 25 titles from the 2012 Best of the Best list was invited to create a reader response to one of the books they read. This is one of those responses.

Doug Swieteck is new to town. He shares his humorous story with us as he gets a job as a delivery boy for the local deli and as he falls for Lil Spicer, the deli owner’s daughter. We meet a fantastic cast of characters from the crazy customers that Doug delivers to the grumpy Marian the librarian.

It is hard to pick a favorite part of this audiobook. I loved the relationship Doug has with the librarian, Mr. Powell, and the Audubon photos that they try to preserve. Maybe I’m just a sucker for anything library because I am a librarian?! I loved to hate the way Doug is treated by his father. The reason why he doesn’t follow the rules in gym class by going shirtless has everything to do with his relationship with his dad (for those that listened to this — I was heartbroken!). Doug filling in for Lil in the play. I can’t believe he had to do that and did it well. I was so proud!

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The fact that it was a book taking place during the Vietnam War was not that obvious to me. I hardly remembered while listening that his brother was in the war and that this was a book that was not taking place during current times. Doug was such a great character that the things happening in his life today was all that really mattered to me.

Overall, this book had great character development. I loved Doug. It made me laugh tons of times, broke my heart, and was an overall good read. It was a pleasant experience to be able to watch Doug grow. I’ve never re-listened to a book but this may be a first.

— Sara Ray

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  1. Nicole Nicole

    I’m relatively new to the joy of audio books myself…and this was the very first audio book I listened to. I played it on drives to work – laughing, crying…anxiously waiting to see Doug triumph against a series of awful circumstances. Some nights I would actually sit in my garage in my car for an extra 20 min. or so to keep listening because I couldn’t wait for my drive into work the next morning. As soon as I finished this one, I actually bought the audio book for my home collection as it will definitely be a rare “re-listen” for me in the near future. LOVED IT!!! AMAZING.

  2. Brenda Guernsey Brenda Guernsey

    Ditto everything that has already been said. I also wound up sitting in the garage listening after I got home but didn’t want to turn it off. I laughed and cried. My husband read it, and then we had to check out a number of volumes of Audubon artwork, to see the paintings and learn about Audubon’s life and work. If you loved this story, listen to The Wednesday Wars, also by Gary D. Schmidt. Another great story, and a great audio production.

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