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Twintastic Teen Tomes!

If you happen to be Twinsburg, Ohio this weekend, you’ll notice that the city is definitely living up to its name. That’s because Twinsburg hosts an annual Twins Day Festival on the first weekend of the August. In honor of what the Guinness Book of World Records has titled as the largest gathering of twins in the world, here’s a retrospective of teen books with twins that helped define the past thirty years.

Classic cover of Flowers in the Attic by VC AndrewsFlowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews
This book hit the scene in 1979 and definitely made some waves. While it wasn’t published specifically as young adult lit, this bestseller features four siblings: Cathy, Chris, and twins Cory and Carie. When their mother can’t afford to take care of them anymore, the family moves in with their grandmother. Weirdly, their grandmother banishes them to a locked attic. Things get stranger and stranger from there, in this book that scandalized many and has been passed around school yards for over thirty years because of its voyeristic and incestious content.

Sweet Valley High by Francine Pascal
If you ask the random person on the street to name the quintessential teen book that featured twins, they would probably not hesitate before naming this uber-popular book series. Created by Francine Pascal (but shhh — she used ghost-writers for many of the books), this series featured the pretty and popular identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. Over the twenty years they were in print, readers were treated to 152 Sweet Valley High books. Whether you identify with Jessica, the social butterfly who loves fashion, or Elizabeth, the sensible bookworm, these California girls were the talk of the lockers in the 80s.

Cover of Twins by Caroline B CooneyTwins by Caroline B. Cooney
Caroline B. Cooney was part of the explosion of action, horror, and supernatural books for teens that happened in the nineties. Like her counterparts R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike, Cooney turned out page turners that featured mysteries, ghostly curses, and larger-than-life tragedies. Twins starts out ominously — the titular Mary Lee and Madrigal do so much together that they’re thought of as two halves of one whole. When the girls decide to play a prank on their friends by switching outfits before they go skiing one day, everything is good — until one of the twins dies. Mary assumes her sister’s identity and discovers some dark secrets that show her that she didn’t know Madrigal nearly as well as she thought.

Identical by Ellen Hopkins
This novel in verse, like Hopkins’s other works, examines realistic teens dealing with incredibly difficult situations. Kaeleigh and Raeanne are identical twins who seem to have the perfect lives. Under the surface, though, is a deeply rotten family life, complete with an absent mother and an abusive father. Although at times difficult to read because of the brutality of the situations, it is a masterful work of literature that helped redefine the category of young adult literature in the first decade of the 21st century.

Cover of The Lying Game by Sara ShepardThe Lying Game by Sara Shepard
This slightly supernatural mystery series starts with Sutton waking up in a bathtub with no memory of how she got there. Things getĀ stranger when a girl who looks just like her walks into the room — and can’t see Sutton at all. Sutton slowly realizes that the girl she is looking at is Emma, her identical twin. The reason Emma can’t see her? Sutton is dead as a doornail. Complete with twin-switching, murder, redĀ herrings, and tense scenes galore, this book definitely toes the line between campy and thrilling, which makes it an amazing beach read. If you’re not in to cliff hangers, though, you may want to look elsewhere, as the fourth book in this five-book series just came out last month!

— Ariel Cummins, currently reading Batman: Knightfall Volume 2

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  1. A ton of other books out in the last year/two years alone with twins, too, including:

    – All These Lives by Sarah Wiley (a debut, too!)
    – Bumped and Thumped by Megan McCafferty
    – Pretty Bad Things by CJ Skuse
    – Gemini Bites by Patrick Ryan
    – Beautiful Lies by Jessica Warman (out this month)
    – Happy Families by Tanita Davis
    – This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel (I believe)

  2. It’s crazy how many twins show up in stuff, right?

    Apparently the recent incidence of twins in America is around 32 per 1000 births. Do you think there are more or less than 32 YA books that feature twins per 1000 teen books?


    • If one could star blog comments, I would star this one.

  3. Shelley Shelley

    Also, What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang has a weird dystopian twist on the twin theme.

  4. Michael Grant seems to have a penchant for twins: the Gone series has the paternal twins Caine and Sam and BZRK features conjoined twins!

    • Laura C Perenic Laura C Perenic

      Paternal = Fraternal?

      • Ariel Cummins Ariel Cummins

        Herp derp, yep!

  5. An oldie but goodie, one of my favorites that was recently re-released was Lois Duncan’s STRANGER WITH MY FACE. Loved it!


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