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Popular Paperbacks: Books to Write Home About

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As a reader, I love edgy books. Titles that toe the line or cross it altogether in subject matter can bring on the greatest reading thrills. Give me an author who is willing to be adventuresome and not stick with the status quo on a subject matter. Sometimes these books can be a bit too much in terms of swearing or sex, but this is definitely not always the case and this is why Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults needs YOUR help for the final category for this year’s list.

Books to Write Home About: Who Says Safe Has to Be Boring? is the final PPYA group I want to talk about with you, dear reader. This group is looking for books that are generally free from teen sex, cussing, drug use, or heavy drinking. BUT as they note, these books do not have to be boring! No one wants to read something boring, obviously, but this PPYA group is focusing on titles that showcase adventure, thrills and chills, and great stories in ways that do not rely heavily on teens getting their drink on. You may remember that PPYA did a Books That Don’t Make You Blush list in 2006. PPYA’s new list is not an update to this list. Instead, it’s a focus on great stories in general; as in, books you would want to write home and tell everyone about because the book is so darn amazing.

If you think you know the perfect paperback title for this list, please suggest it. Remember, it just needs to be a title currently available in paperback. PPYA and all YALSA committees welcome field suggestions from anyone interested in teen lit.

And don’t forget to check out the other PPYA categories: I’m New Here Myself, Boarding Schools to Summer Camps, and Gowns, Greasepaint, and Guitars.

— Sarah Wethern, currently reading The Time-Traveling Fashionista at the Palace of Marie Antoinette by Bianca Turetsky

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Sarah Wethern