The Monday Poll: Most-Anticipated Winter Sequel

by flickr user M Glasgow
Good morning, Hub readers!

Last week we asked which book title you thought was most creative. It was a very close race for first, but Hold Me Closer Necromancer by Lish McBride just edged out The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler by one vote! (Hold Me Closer Necromancer had 42; The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things had 41.) You can see detailed results for all of our previous polls in the Polls Archive. Thanks to all of you who voted!

It’s December now and the solstice is just a few weeks away, so we’re thinking winter, which makes us want to know: which sequel coming out in the next few months are you most excited about? Vote in the poll below, or leave us a message if we’ve forgotten a favorite!

[poll id=”72″]

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    1. Yikes, yes it is! Thanks a lot for catching that. I’ve removed it from the poll, but I’m sure we can look forward to hearing about it when Kelly does her next monthly debut author round-up!

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