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YALSA’s 2013 Morris/Nonfiction Reading Challenge final check-in

In just about 24 hours, the winners of all of ALA’s Youth Media Awards will be announced at a press conference held at the Midwinter Meeting in Seattle! (Weren’t able to make it to the conference? Watch the livestream or our liveblogging of the event!)

Among the other winners, we’ll also find out which of the Morris Award finalists and Award for Excellence in Nonfiction finalists were chosen by the committee as the best example of debut fiction or nonfiction for teens of the year.

If you’ve finished the challenge since our last check-in, be sure to fill out the form below to let us know. And stay tuned for our announcement of the 2013 Hub Reading Challenge (formerly the Best of the Best Challenge), which will include the Morris and Nonfiction Award winners and honor books, along with all of YALSA’s 2013 award winners and finalists, the top ten lists for YALSA’s 2013 selected lists, and the YA titles from the 2013 Schneider Family Book Award list and the 2013 Stonewall Book Award list.

So tell us who you think will win the Morris Award and the Award for Excellence in Nonfiction, and let us know how you liked the Morris/Nonfiction challenge, too!

— Gretchen Kolderup, currently enjoying a short reading break after finishing a term on Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults

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  1. Sara Ray Sara Ray

    YAY if finished the Non-fiction award finalists (always a last minute challenge finisher — at least I made it by hours not days this time).

    So non-fic has always been a bit of a challenge. I started with the ones I had the most interest in, Titanic and Steve Jobs. Then finished with Bomb and Moonbird. They all had their moments of awesomeness and a tad boring to me. BUT I feel like I learned sooo much just reading them. I’m going to try to make it a point in my yearly challenges to read more non-fic (or just keep up with the HuB challenges every year). Thanks YALSA HUB crew for offering these challenges!

  2. I finally finished the Miseducation of Cameron Post last night to complete the Morris Challenge. I’m not sure why it took me so long to finish. It really is a good book. But I wasn’t in the right mood, or frame of mind, or something. My favorite Morris Award nominee was definitely Seraphina. I think Wondershow comes in second for me and Miseducation of Cameron Post was third. I understand why Love and Other Perishable Items made the list, but there were other debut novels I’ve read during the year that I thought were better. After the Snow is a distant last place for me, though I think it will have some teen appeal.

    I really enjoyed the Best of the Best Challenge last year and found it helped me provide better Reader’s Advisory service. It has made me more aware of new teen books as they appear. It definitely helped me broaden my reading by guiding me to the best titles in genres or formats I would not normally read on my own. I am definitely looking forward to the 2013 Hub Reading Challenge!

    When I started this challenge, I wasn’t sure I’d be doing the Morris Award portion. My library system had all of the Nonfiction titles, but only 2 from the Morris List. In the end, I bought the 3 other books myself and am donating them to the library as I finish them. Both After the Snow and Love and Other Perishable Items had multiple holds placed on them as soon as they appeared in the catalog. So not only did I benefit from doing the challenge, but our library patrons are as well!

  3. Amy Amy

    I finished all of the Non-fiction nominees last week and enjoyed them all (even if I know think Steve Jobs is a world class something-or-other).

    I knew I wouldn’t have time to finish all of the Morris nominees, but I did get Seraphina done early on and just finished Wonder Show this week. I absolutely LOVED Wonder Show. If those two books are any indication of the caliber of the Morris nominees, I cannot wait to read the rest of the list.

    I’ll definitely be tied to my computer tomorrow waiting to see the winners announced.

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