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Reading Horoscope – Aquarius

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Aquarius is used to carrying the world on her shoulders, and this month is no different. The ultimate humanitarian, visionary, and all around do-gooder, people born between January 20th and February 18th are beyond passionate about making their world better, close to home and worldwide. Sometimes eccentric, sometimes temperamental, Aquarius never runs out of ideas for improving the world around them. Luckily there are some great books that have characters very familiar to Aquarius.

There is no dogThere Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff (2013 Best Fiction for Young Adults nominee)

Lucy leads a fairly uneventful life, going to her job at the zoo, being extremely kind to everyone she meets, and looking for someone special to share her life with. She thinks she finds that perfect person in Bob, who, unbeknownst to her, is actually God, capital G. But Bob comes with baggage of his own, spoiled by him mom, lazy, temperamental, and constantly on the verge of destroying the Earth and humankind every time he falls in love. This book is full of quirky side characters like Mr B, Bob’s long suffering assistant; Eck, an alien creature that desperately does not want to become another god’s dinner; and Bob’s poker playing mother, Mona. Aquarius will probably recognize themselves in the eternally sweet Lucy and maybe a little in the mercurial Bob.

stargirlStargirl by Jerry Spinelli (2001 Top Teen Best Books for Young Adults)

Stargirl is like no one Leo has ever met. A true free spirit, she believes is random acts of kindness, helping those who most need it, and that compassion is more important than possessions. She dresses in unusual outfits and has eccentric talents like playing the ukelele and being true to herself. He is drawn to her unique outlook on life and he longs himself to break from the conformity of high school. But when their peers start turning hostile towards Stargirl, Leo convinces her to become more normal. But both he and Stargirl learn making others happy at your own expense does not always work.

Good luck this month, Aquarius, in furthering your causes, making your mark, and leading the world bravely into a new day.

— Amanda Margis, currently reading Timeless by Gail Carriger and listening to Ghost Knight by Cornelia Funke

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