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YALSA’s 2013 Hub Reading Challenge Begins!

reading challenge logoIt’s now February 3 here on the East Coast of the US, so it’s time for YALSA’s 2013 Hub Reading Challenge to begin! We’re hoping the challenge will push you to read/listen to more great books than you would have — and to discover something new in a genre or category you might not have tried.

Challenge objective
Read/listen to 25 of the 83 titles on our list of eligible titles [pdf] to finish the challenge. The list includes YA novels, audiobooks, graphic novels, and books for adults, so there’s plenty to choose from. Bonus objective: read/listen to all 83 titles to conquer the challenge!

Challenge rewards
Beyond experiencing the best of the best that YA lit has to offer, everyone who finishes the challenge will be invited to submit a response to a book they read for the challenge. The response can be text, graphics, audio, video and will be published on The Hub. Furthermore, everyone who finishes the challenge will be entered into a random drawing for our grand prize: a YALSA tote bag full of 2012 and 2013 YA lit! (If the winner is a teacher or librarian or something similar, we’ll also include a few professional development titles.)

Challenge conquerors will receive an elite digital badge to show off how well-read they are.

Challenge guidelines

  • The challenge begins at 12:01AM EST on February 3 and ends at 11:59PM EST on June 22.
  • Eligible books are the YA titles that were named winners or honor titles for the Schneider Family Book Award and the Stonewall Book Award and those on YALSA’s 2013 Best of the Best list (2013 winners and honor books for the Alex Award, Award for Excellence in Nonfiction, Margaret A. Edwards Award, Michael L. Printz Award, Odyssey Award, and William C. Morris Award, as well as the 2013 Top Ten Amazing Audiobooks, Best Fiction, Great Graphic Novels, Popular Paperbacks, and Quick Picks. Middle grade titles recognized by these lists and awards are not included in the list of eligible titles for this challenge.
  • Format matters: a title that has been recognized for both the print version and the audiobook version can be both read and listened to and count as two books, but a book that has won multiple awards or appears on multiple lists in the same format only counts as one title. If a book was recognized as a print version, listening to the audiobook does not count.
  • Books must be read/listened to (both begun and finished) within the challenge time period. If you’ve already read/listened to a title, you must re-read/listen to it for it to count. The only exception is for titles you read for the Morris/Nonfiction Reading Challenge; you may count those toward your 25 titles.
  • Just about everyone who doesn’t work for ALA is eligible to participate. Yes, non-ALA/YALSA members are eligible. Yes, teens are eligible. Yes, non-US residents/citizens are eligible. (More eligibility questions? Leave a comment or email us.)
  • Once you finish the challenge, we’ll contact you with details about creating and publishing your response.
  • The grand prize winner will be selected by 11:59pm EST on June 24. The winner will be notified via email.

How to participate

  • Comment here announcing your intention to participate. If you’re going to be tracking what you read/listen to on your blog or on Goodreads, LibraryThing, YouTube or some other site, include a link to your blog/shelf/channel/profile in your comment. If you’re not tracking your reading online, keep a list some other way.
  • You may “register” by leaving a comment here and starting your reading any time during the challenge period.
  • Every Saturday, we’ll publish a check-in post. Leave a comment with everything you’ve read/listened to since the last check-in post. If you’ve reviewed those titles somewhere online, include links to those reviews! Otherwise, let us know what you thought of the books in the comments.
  • If you’ve finished the challenge since the last check-in post, fill out the embedded form with your name and contact information. This is how you’ll receive your Finisher’s Badge, how you’ll be contacted about your reader’s response, and how you’ll be entered into the drawing for our grand prize. Please fill out the form only once.
  • If you’ve conquered the challenge, let us know in the comments and we’ll send you your Conqueror’s Badge.

Sound good? If you have any questions or problems, let us know in the comments or via email. Otherwise, grab this Participant’s Badge, put it on your blog or in your email signature, and get reading!

reading challenge logo - participant

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  1. Erin Schultz Erin Schultz

    This sounds great! I’ve already read several titles on the list (and started two more within the last couple weeks) but looking forward to checking out more of these award winners & nominees.
    I’ll be setting up a GoodReads shelf to keep track.

  2. Mia Wisgerhof Mia Wisgerhof

    I’ve read a few of these, but I had recently made a personal goal to read more of these titles, so I love that you guys are having this challenge. Count me in!

    Not sure yet how I’m going to be tracking my books.

  3. Oooh! This sounds like fun! Count me it…I already have some of these on my TBR pile, anyway. 8-]

  4. MindyE MindyE

    Can’t wait to start reading! I’ll be setting up a shelf on Goodreads too!

  5. Shanna Shanna

    Okay, I’m going to give this a try. I already did the Morris/Nonfiction awards challenge, so thankfully I already have ten done. Happy reading, everyone!

  6. Shanna Shanna

    Oh, and I’ll probably be tweeting my progress @srhlib – probably with the hashtag #hubchallenge again?

    • Yes! If you’re talking about the challenge on Twitter, use #hubchallenge. :)

  7. Grey Hautaluoma Grey Hautaluoma

    Can’t wait to get started. A bunch of these are already on their way to me from the library and to my Kindle.

  8. Maria Armijo Maria Armijo

    Can’t wait!

  9. Alison Alison

    I’m in!

  10. Ready, set, read! I’m excited to start the challenge. I’ll post longer updates on my blog, Writing ‘Bout Reading and on a Librarything Shelf 2013 Hub Reading Challenge

    I completed the Morris and Nonfiction reading challenges and there are a couple of posts about that on my blog. Those books are on their own LibraryThing shelf, Morris/Nonfiction Reading Challenge

    I’ve been recruiting at work and have four co-workers who have agreed to read with me. Now the question is if I can get them to comment here. If not, I’ll post summaries of our group effort myself.

    You’ll excuse me, I now have to go start reading!

  11. Quick question – The Chris Lynch Vietnam series is one entry in the Quick Picks list but there are three books. Does each title count separately? Or do we have to read all three to be able to count it? They are included on one line in your challenge list.


  12. I’m in and can’t wait to get started. I’m keeping track of my reads here….

    I love all things Kindergarten, but my secret passion is YA lit.

  13. Cindy Cindy

    I’m in…
    Track my progress here…

  14. I did the Non-fiction challenge for the first time this year and I am excited to this reading challenge.

    I’ll be tracking it on my blog.

    I’m already thinking how I might represent my reading.

  15. Jamie Daisey Jamie Daisey

    I’m in! I’ll be tracking my progress at

  16. I’m totally in! Progess will be tracked on my blog ( Aaaaaaaaand, she’s off!

  17. Karen H. Karen H.

    I’m definitely in! As a youth services librarian currently staying at home with my tiny children a little extra inspiration to stay up to date with the best YA lit is highly appreciated!

    I’ll be tracking my reading on shelfari, with the tag Hub Reading Challenge 2013.

  18. Cheyenne Cheyenne

    I go through so many books already, I might as well read someting new! I’m not sure how I’ll keep track, but this sounds fun.

  19. Emily Emily

    This sounds like fun! I do enjoy a good reading challenge!

  20. Alpha DeLap Alpha DeLap

    I’m in! First up, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. I will be tracking my progress here: (a goodreads list)

  21. I’ll give it a shot! Not sure how I’ll track progress. Reviews will go on my blog and I’ll try to remember to mention the challenge in the post. I might set up a Goodreads shelf too.

    • I guess I should have clarified before throwing myself in the challenge – does serving on a committee constitute working for ALA?

  22. amy amy

    I’m in! I have 7 books in the books thanks to the Morris/Non-fiction challenge. I’ll keep track on my “yalsa best of the best 2013” Goodreads shelf.

    It was interesting to see how many Alex Award titles were already on my “to read” list.

    This year’s challenge will also give me an opportunity to revisit some series I had started and loved, but not kept up with…like Artemis Fowl and Monstrumologist.

  23. Rebecca Rebecca

    I’m in. I feel so far behind in my reading. This will be a fun way to catch up!

  24. Molly Wetta Molly Wetta

    This will be fun! I already wanted to read more books from the lists, so this is a perfect challenge. I’ll keep track on Goodreads and my blog, wrapped up in books.

  25. So excited to participate again this year!

    I will be participating on a few different fronts.

    Personally, I’ll be keeping track of individual titles over at my library tumblr, here.

    Last year, a number of we reviewers over at No Flying No Tights participated, and we’re all geared up to do so again. We’ll be posting our reactions over at No Flying No Tights.

    This year, the group over at Good Comics for Kids will also be participating in a slightly different way — we’ll be reading (or re-reading) all of the graphic novels and comics which won awards and commenting on them over at the SLJ group blog every Wednesday. We’ll be alternating — one week we’ll simply discuss the title, and then the next week we’ll recommend read-alikes. I don’t know if that will really count as participation per se, as we will not ultimately be reading 25 titles (as we’ll just be reading the graphic novels/comics), but we thought it was an appropriate way to get in to the spirit of the challenge at that blog.

  26. Jennifer Jennifer

    I’m in! I’m eager for the challenge and excited to join all of you.

  27. Jennifer Jennifer

    I’m in!

  28. Donna Donna

    Count me in. I’ll track my progress on my Goodreads shelf

  29. Penny Johnson Penny Johnson

    WooHoo! The Hub Reading Challenge begins again! I am definitely participating….. I haven’t decided yet how I am going to track my progress. I will let you know!

  30. Diane Diane

    I think this will be great fun, I don’t know how I will track my progress probably twitter or goodreads.

  31. Stephanie DeVincentis Stephanie DeVincentis

    What a wonderful challenge! I’m up for it and will track on my goodreads account.

  32. I’m in. Just finishing up a challenge to read the Amazon Top 20 YA books, so this is perfect timing!

  33. Beth Beth

    I’m having a baby in March, but I can’t pass up the opportunity to at least try to read some of these amazing titles. I’ll probably just track on paper for now.

  34. Karl G. Siewert Karl G. Siewert

    I’m in!

  35. Brenda Schwarz Brenda Schwarz

    I also am in. I tried last year and did not get as many as I wanted read but I am committed to do my best to get through alot of these titles. Let the games begin!!!

  36. Joyce Joyce

    I’m in and will be tweeting my progress from book to book.

    • Robert C. Robert C.

      As a side note, I only counted 83 titles on the list of eligible books instead of 84. Does anyone else get 83 or did I not count right?

      • Oh, no, you’re right — I totally read my spreadsheet wrong. There are, in fact, 83 titles. The Vietnam series counts for just one entry, since it appears as one entry (rather than three) in its Top Ten list.

        • Robert C. Robert C.

          Now I’m only counting 82. Ugh–I hate to be that commenter that keeps questioning everything and pointing stuff out! -___-

          I noticed that Draanen on the third page, first row is by itself and I think is supposed to go with Wendelin Van Draanen of The Running Dream. I think that is what tripped me up before to get 83.

          Is 82 the correct answer? Sorry again!!

          • Robert C. Robert C.

            Sigh. It’s 83. I was wrong. Going to stop talking now! T-T

  37. Sara Ray Sara Ray

    I’m so excited to see so many people signed up already!! I’m off to a late start but I’m ready to go! YAY!

  38. Leslie Leslie

    I will be participating and hopefully completing the challenge this year.

    I’ll be using Goodread again and will create my shelf later.

    So far I’ve read Heist Society by Ally Carter and I’ve listened to Artemis Fowl: the Last Guardian by Eoin Colfer (I love all of the Artemis Fowl books and the audiobooks are great)!

  39. Joanne Schmidt Joanne Schmidt

    Can’t wait! So many of the titles were already on my own “To Read” list. I haven’t decided how to keep track yet, but will let you know.


  40. Robert C. Robert C.

    Figured out the counting issue. I was only getting 82 until I realized Chris Lynch has 3 titles in the Vietnam series. Problem solved!

  41. Aislinn McEwen Aislinn McEwen

    I don’t know if I can conquer the list, but I look forward to trying! I am definitely in.

  42. I’m participating! This is a great motivator, thanks YALSA and The Hub! I’m hoping to review most of the books on my blog, but I’ll be keeping track with Goodreads too.

  43. Heather Botelho Heather Botelho

    I’ve read so many of these already, so now I get to read a whole bunch more! I’ll be tracking at, and I’m going to try to review all of them on my blog

  44. Library.Lil Library.Lil

    I’m in! Have been looking forward to it since last year’s challenge! I’ll create a shelf on goodreads once I’ve read my first book.

  45. brooke brooke

    I’m looking forward to trying the challenge. I have read quite a few already and will gladly reread the one’s I have enjoyed. Can not wait to read some other titles I haven’t had an opportunity read to yet. Not sure how I will post yet.

  46. Patty Crow Patty Crow

    I’m in. This sounds like fun. I can’t wait

  47. Plan to participate in the HUB Reading Challenge!

  48. Cat Cat

    I’m in!!! I wanted to participate last year but I was too late to be able to get in all 25 books, so glad to see I am right at the beginning this time. I will be keeping track through a featured shelf on Goodreads: and I can’t wait to get started!

  49. Jody R. Jody R.

    Hey there! I want to participate in the challenge! Here’s a link to my Goodreads page with my Hub shelf


  50. Michelle C Michelle C

    I will read for months! I am in and I am encouraging our building students and staff to join me.. Go SPHS!

  51. Meaghan O'Brien Meaghan O'Brien

    I’m in! This sounds like fun :)

  52. Kate Kate

    I’ll play! I thought I did a pretty good job keeping up with Major Contenders last year, but I’ve only read 28 of the books on this list… and 8 are by Tamora Pierce. I’ll be glad to revisit all the ones I didn’t finish or never started.

    I am a paper-list tracker, but I’ll also try to keep track via Twitter: @brownekr.

  53. I am tracking my reads on Goodreads.

  54. I’m in and will be tracking my progress on our library blog, Book News & Reviews (link above).

  55. David Bilmes David Bilmes

    I’m going to give this a try. I’ve been wanting to try out Tumblr, so I’ll be using my new Tumblr blog to post the books I’ve read. I’ll post the URL for it once I get it set up. I’ve read a lot of these already, but are looking forward to reading/listening to some of the ones I haven’t.

  56. Morgan Morgan

    I’m definitely on board. I’ll be keeping track on goodreads.

  57. Ice Ice

    I’m doing it!!!!!!!!

  58. Tamara Tamara

    Starting today!

  59. Denise Leeson Denise Leeson

    What a great way to spend the winter and spring. I can hardly wait to read.

  60. Jesse Jesse

    I’m so excited to be able to participate in this this year! I’ll be tracking my progress on my Goodreads page. I’m starting off with Bomb by Steve Sheinkin.

  61. Cheresse Cheresse

    I’ll participate and will be posting about books I’ve read on our teen blog Sounds like fun.

  62. Paula Paula

    I love a challenge so … I’m in!

  63. I’m in! I’ll be tracking via goodreads and doing occasional reviews on my blog. I did the non-fiction and Morris challenges and I’m so excited to be doing this one!

  64. Shannon Shannon

    I’m in! Looking forward to reading some great books!

  65. Lindley Lindley

    This sounds great! I can’t wait to start.

  66. Count me in, too. This is my first Yalsa challenge, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll blog my progress here!

  67. What a great opportunity to catch up on the newest YA books!! I am excited to participate in this challenge! I’ll be tracking my progress on my blog and on Goodreads which I link back to my blog.

  68. I started reading Caring is Creepy last week, so I am ready to start!

  69. Nicole Nicole

    I think I’m going to try this out. I’ve never checked out Goodreads so I may keep track that way, and if not then it will be here in the comments.

  70. I will be posting book reviews on my YA tumblr

  71. Charles J. Charles J.

    I’ll join in this year too, perhaps even tracking it here.

  72. Pam Pam

    So many great books on this list! Count me in :)

  73. I’m going to participate! All your books are belong to me!

  74. I’m up to the challenge! This will give me a great excuse to revisit some favorites from 2012! I’m currently inhaling a whole host of amazing 2013 titles.

  75. I’m very excited about this. Just finished Friends With Boys last night (great book!) and started Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

  76. Gully Gully

    I will keep track on Goodreads.

  77. Portia Carryer Portia Carryer

    So excited to do this!!

  78. Very excited to get started – this will definitely motivate me to make time and get reading all this great YA fiction! I will be using Goodreads.

  79. I’m so excited to start reading!

  80. Sonja Mertz Sonja Mertz

    My son and I will tackle this challenge together and keep track on Goodreads!

  81. Jolene Jolene

    Can’t wait to get started! Just put a ton of hold requests on titles from my library :)

  82. Julie Julie

    Wow! What a great looking list. I look forward to reading/listening to a lof of this list. (And help me with RA for teens!)

  83. Liana Liana

    I want to join. I’ll track my progress on my blog ( and goodreads shelf that I haven’t made yet.

  84. Mary Miller Mary Miller

    I am starting the challenge today. First book is Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. I will be tracking my books on Goodreads.

  85. Amy Trulock Amy Trulock

    I had already put a dozen of the most recent award-winners on hold – now I have the challenge to ensure that I make it through everything!

  86. Samma Lynne Samma Lynne

    Well, looks like I have something else to play with alongside the Goodreads reading challenge! I’m in and can’t wait; I’m going to start over Bomb: the Race… I needed to start it again anyway since I forgot some of the information from the beginning.

    Made a Goodreads shelf!

  87. Challenge Accepted! I’ll be tracking my reading on my blog: I’ll do a challenge begins post this evening.

  88. I’m starting off a bit late, but it’s not about the deadline, it’s about the books. Should be a lot of fun!

  89. Catherine Barnett Catherine Barnett

    I’m going to give it a shot. Until I can figure out how to post a link to my Goodreads shelf, I’ll be posting my progress here. Cheers!

  90. I love it! I’m going to put the badge on my blog and I’ve already downloaded the list (great collection development tool by the way) with highlights of all the books I’ll read.

    Thanks for putting together such a terrific challenge. :-)

  91. Andrine Nichols Andrine Nichols

    Plan to try this, will track in Goodreads

  92. Vic N. Vic N.

    BTW, the Ledger article runs Tuesday in print, hopefully up on-line by Wednesday February 13

    • This is awesome! Will you comment with the link when it goes up in case I miss it? Thanks a bunch for spreading the word — and for advocating for male readers!

  93. Tibby Tibby

    I’d love to give it a try! I’m not sure I’ll have enough time, but isn’t that the eternal dilemma for librarians and book lovers? :)

  94. I will be participating as well–kind of wish I had waited a month to read the Miseducation of Cameron Post now though!

    I’ll be tracking my progress on Goodreads with a Hub Challenge 2013 shelf once I get started:

    I’ll probably also write at least short reviews for what I get through on my blog:

    • Nancy Hodder Nancy Hodder

      Count me in! Sounds like fun…I’m also on Goodreads, a great site for tracking.

  95. Amanda Barnhart Amanda Barnhart

    Full time employee. Full time student. However, there’s that lull between spring and summer semester. And perhaps I can convince our teen graphic fiction book group to select a few of these titles. Hmmmm…I’ll give it a go.

  96. I will try to find books on this list with ‘tween’ appeal for my blog Good Tween Reads.

  97. Cailey Cailey

    I love a challenge! I’m in.

  98. Merri Monks Merri Monks

    I’m in, and will publicize this to Iowa’s youth services librarians. I’ve started with Tamora Pierce’s Edwards Award books.

  99. This is my first YALSA Hub Challenge. I am so excited to participate and will be tracking my progress on Goodreads and Twitter @FriendRsquared. I hope to do weekly check-ins on my blog, but I don’t have a computer at the moment, so we will see how that goes.

  100. Leslie Leslie

    I’ve set up my Goodreads shelf:

    I have 9 books on my list so far.

  101. Paula Paula

    I’m in! I’ll do anything for a badge ;)

  102. As a high school library clerk, I try to read many of these titles anyway. This challenge will get me to explore other formats. I started by reading The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. Besides my blog I post on LibraryThing with the screen name Mamzel and my library blog,

  103. It was quite fortuitous that a friend invited me to join in this challenge! I’ve been a voracious reader this week and will be happily posting updates on my Hub Reading Challenge shelf here:

  104. charlene.librarian charlene.librarian

    Count me in.

  105. Diane Diane

    I’m excited to have started the reading challenge. I’m currently reading The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I’m going to try to keep track of my books read on goodreads, but I haven’t set it up yet.

  106. Debbie Debbie

    I’m starting today. What fun!

    I’ll be keeping track on my blog at

    First up? The Fault in Our Stars and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever.

  107. Gloria Collyard Gloria Collyard

    I always like a challenge, especially when it involves books.

  108. Robin Brandt Robin Brandt

    I’m participating in the challenge.

  109. Elaine Fultz Elaine Fultz

    Goodie! Super fun motivation to read everything in my stacks of books at home (and in my car and on my desk at work…). I’m in.

  110. Heidi Landskroener Heidi Landskroener

    Here’s to seeing how many I can read in the 2013 Hub Reading Challenge.

  111. I am going to attempt this challenge again. Hopefully life won’t get in the way of me completing it this year :-) Good luck to everyone~

  112. Since I’m not on committee this year, I can participate! Whoo-hoo.

    I’ll be tracking (and hopefully reviewing) at my blog:

    As a member of the 2013 ENYA committee, I hope to see lots of you reading from the Non-Fiction list! :)

  113. I did this last year and it was great! Can’t wait to read all of these great books too!

  114. Leslie Graham Leslie Graham

    Can’t wait to start!

  115. Ready to start conquering the challenge! My reviews will be posted here–

  116. Jennifer Spade Jennifer Spade

    Can’t wait to start!

  117. t.snyder t.snyder

    I am looking forward to reading books that I would not normally check out.

  118. Deb Eisentrager Deb Eisentrager

    I’m in. I already checked out a couple on the list so I can start tonight.

  119. Ryan Hosler Ryan Hosler

    This sounds like a great way to get motivated count me in!

  120. Kym Kym

    I’m a brand new YALSA member and this will be the first thing I do for the organization. I’m pumped!!

  121. Heather Bente Heather Bente

    I’m going to try to figure out Good Reads and set up a shelf.

  122. This is my first reading challenge and I am so excited! As a recent MLS graduate this is a good challenge for me!

  123. Sami Sami

    I’m in! :)

  124. Cherity Cherity

    I’m up for a challenge.

  125. Jenna Jaureguy Jenna Jaureguy

    Just Started!

  126. Tiffanu Tiffanu

    I am new to this challenge, but it sounds like fun!!! I am going to start today!!!!

  127. Tiffany Rohe Tiffany Rohe

    Starting right now!!!

  128. Liz P Liz P

    This sounds fun!

  129. Theresa Connolly Theresa Connolly

    This sounds really fun!

  130. Sounds like a fun way to prioritize my massive to-reads list!

  131. I didn’t even come close last year so I’m in it to finish this time. For the most part I’ll be tracking it on my Goodreads: but I’m hoping I’ll be able to post reviews to my blog.

  132. I’m in! I’ll link reviews on Twitter, using #hubchallenge.

  133. Mariana Van Meter Mariana Van Meter

    Excited to start and have spread the word to my school librarian cohorts!

  134. Julie Newhouse Julie Newhouse

    We are doing this as a YA Department challenge at Granville (Ohio) Public Library! I’m in. :)

  135. I have begun to keep track of the books.

  136. Lorraine Lorraine

    Turns out I started the challenge w/out even knowing it! Just finished Pratchett’s Dodger. I’m in!

  137. I also started the challenge without knowing it. I finished Nick Lake’s In Darkness and have just started reading Moonbird. So, I guess I only need to pick 23 more books and several were on my list of books to read anyway. Should be fun. Thanks!

  138. Jeanne Hamann Jeanne Hamann

    This challenge is a great motivator to increase the variety of teen books I read. Thanks!

  139. Lucy Lucy

    You are all on…. I will get the books!! I need the books.

  140. Jenny Jenny

    Hadn’t realized that this started! Not sure if I will use GoodReads to track stuff or just posting.

  141. Priya Priya

    I plan to keep track of my progress through my goodreads account.

  142. B Pederson B Pederson

    I’m up for the challenge!

  143. Melissa Kane Melissa Kane

    Looking forward to reading these.

  144. Shelby Holzapfel Shelby Holzapfel

    I’m in and ready to get started! Let the challenge begin!

  145. Heather Lawrence Heather Lawrence

    I’m planning to participate!

  146. Nicole Dolat Nicole Dolat

    I’m in!…though I’m a little late to start… :)

  147. Marcie Marcie

    I will be taking part in the challenge.

  148. Susan Swords Steffen Susan Swords Steffen

    I am in – keeping track on Librarything.

  149. Deb Deb

    Gonna give this one a shot! Lots of things on here I’ve been wanting to get to.

  150. If these books are even half as good as Sheinkin’s Bomb, this is going to be great!

  151. h. vert h. vert

    I’m in for the challenge, and I’ll be tracking my reads on twitter @hari_vert.

  152. I’m in. Here’s hoping I can convince some of my colleagues and our library’s teens to take this challenge with me. Maybe we can even get them to post a comment or two on our Facebook page!

  153. Totally in! I’ll be keeping track on Shelfari.

  154. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    I’ll be going for it – not sure how many I’ll be able to get through (what with AP classes and whatnot) but I’ll try my best! I’ll be keeping track… simply on paper. Or a Word document.

  155. Cathy Andronik Cathy Andronik

    Started the Challenge!
    So far:

    Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl
    Steve Jobs: The Man who Thought Different
    The Diviners (read)
    The Fault in Our Stars (listened–gave it another try, TRYING to figure out how it won the Odyssey)
    In Darkness
    Crusher (hadn’t listened previously)
    Every Day
    I Hunt Killers
    Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am
    October Mourning (read)
    Wonder (re-listened)
    Code Name Verity (hadn’t listened previously)

  156. I am excited about this challenge! We are going to challenge our book club members to attend! Thanks, YALSA!

  157. I will be starting the challenge. Looking forward to all the awesome reads listed!

  158. Nancee Nancee

    I started a new shelf on Goodreads; I’m excited that there are so many audiobooks listed. I’ve read several of these books already, but have been wanting to listen to many!

  159. Looking forward to the challenge! I’ll keep track on my Goodreads site.

  160. Beth Revers Beth Revers

    I would like to give it a try if starting a bit late, unsure how I will track, but will take a look at goodreads and get back if this luddite can figure it out.

  161. Betsy Su Betsy Su

    Better late than never– I accept the challenge!

  162. Gabrielle Boucher Gabrielle Boucher

    I love to read! So I’m going to try to conquer the challenge!!

  163. Gabrielle Boucher Gabrielle Boucher

    So far I’ve read:

    The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
    Every Day by David Levithan
    Enchanted by Alethea Kontis
    Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney
    The Running Dream by Wendelin Van

    (I wrote this because I don’t have a blog!)

  164. Megan Megan

    I just love reading! Can’t wait to start

  165. Brianne Brianne

    I’d already declared this a reading weekend, with a lovely stack of YA lit, so this sounds like a fun extension.

  166. Erin L Erin L

    Sounds like a fun challenge I’m willing to try.
    Not sure how to keep u posted on progress. Sorry I’m new to this, a little help?

    • We’ll publish weekly check-in posts where you can comment to tell us what you’ve read and how you like it. The important thing is to fill out the form at the end of a check-in post once you hit your 25 titles!

  167. Andrew Ong Andrew Ong

    So I register by commenting here?

  168. Andrew Ong Andrew Ong

    So I just comment here to register?

  169. Andrew Ong Andrew Ong

    Hi so I register by comment here?

  170. I’ll be tracking my progress on Goodreads! My username on there is Nettles, but I can also be searched out by email address:

  171. Rose Rose

    I just found out about the challenge yesterday! I was excited to see that we have many titles on our shelves at the middle school where I am the library aide. I can’t wait to get started!

  172. Zoe Zoe

    Can’t wait to read some of these books!

  173. late start. whee

  174. Erin Erin

    I’m in! I’ll be tracking my books on librarything. I’ll tag the titles I read in the Challenge – 2013 Hub Challenge.
    I just finished reading Bomb the other day!

  175. Sheila Reid Sheila Reid

    I am definitely in!

  176. Shelby Holzapfel Shelby Holzapfel

    Just got started on the Challenge on Wednesday. I have read The Fault in our Stars and are more than halfway finished with Titanic: Voices from the Disaster. I think that both are very well written books. I could not put down The Fault in our Stars, as it was very interesting. On the other hand, Titanic: Voices from the Disaster is a great book and includes many details of how this tragic event unfolded. It’s going a lot slower for me. Moving on to Wonder next! Hope it’s a good one!

  177. I shall def give this a shot! This’ll get me to read some of the books I wasn’t sure about reading lol.

  178. Teka McCabe Teka McCabe

    OK, I’m a little nervous, but here goes! I’ll do my best!

  179. Carole Carole

    Starting today!

  180. Randi Randi

    Count me in!

  181. Amy Schumann Amy Schumann

    I’m in on Goodreads–

  182. Veida Veida

    Starting a little late, but here I come!

  183. Sign me up! 25 books in 4 months? Let’s see where we go!

  184. let the fun begin!

  185. Here are the books I have completed so far.

  186. Finished: “My Friend Dahmer” 5 of 5 for my rating, “Pure” also 5 of 5

    I really should read more of these, and I can’t wait to read the next title in the “Pure” trilogy, but after I bag my 25 for this challenge…

  187. Kinsey Steskal Kinsey Steskal

    I am now entering! Can’t I can’t believe that their is actually a contest for reading! Well I can or I wouldn’t be entering plus I won some for my school, but still I am super excited.

  188. joel joel

    i’m in, too!

  189. Kinsey Steskal Kinsey Steskal

    Okay I won’t have access to any computer from later today till Monday. So I am posting what I have read so far now.
    1) Steve Jobs: the Man Who Thought Different
    It is a biography and if you read this book you will learn a lot more about Steve Jobs like how he was a drop out and how he was doing an illegal business with his best friend. Out of biographies I would rate this 4.25/5 and out of all books I would rate this 2.375/5.

  190. This will be getting me out of my comfort zone.

  191. Gabrielle Gabrielle

    I am going to give this a shot! It’ll go on my Goodreads shelf ;-)

  192. j wells j wells

    Sign me up! Looking foward to meeting this goal this year! First year doing it and so excited

  193. j wells j wells

    oh and I am going to keep track on paper this time

  194. Bethany Bethany

    Okay so I’m late to this reading party but I’m a fast reader!! I think I will take the challenge!

    In June I’m going to Europe so having a bag full of books is a great way to fill in the long flights!

    Created a new LibraryThing for this challenge:

  195. I just stumbled upon this today and I am excited to start the challenge a couple months behind!
    I will be review the books I read on my Shelfari site:

    Thanks! Happy Reading!

  196. Jeanenne Reid Robinson Jeanenne Reid Robinson

    I am planning to participate in The Hub Challenge.

  197. Vic N. Vic N.

    Just finisthed “Tell The Wolves I’m Home” by Carol Rifka Brunt, terrific!

  198. Although I am starting the challenge bit late I am very delighted to take part in this reading challenge. I love to read and encourage others to read as well. Thanks for the opportunity!
    I’ll be keeping track of my reading through:

  199. Meg Meg

    I’m in! What a great idea—-and so many wonderful books!

  200. Vic N. Vic N.

    Just finished “Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different,” okay, interesting person, not hugely informative, but I did learn some things I didn’t know about Mr. Jobs. What a weird life!

  201. Amber Amber

    I’d like to participate in this challange

  202. I’m so in!! I can definitely catch-up, because I’ve already been reading some of these. ;)

  203. Kinsey Steskal Kinsey Steskal

    Books I have listened to/read:
    2) Wonder: August has a damaged face and some disablitities. So he is home schooled until one day his mom decides to put him in public school so he can get a better education. How will he ever survive the “not staring” looks each kid peaks behind their note book and the bullies calling him a alien? Will he ever make friends in this amateurish world?

  204. 7 down! I better step up my game…

    • Yes! Anything you’ve read since the challenge started counts — even if you didn’t know you were reading for the challenge at the time! :)

  205. Late to the game, but eager to catch up and participate! I’ll be keeping track on

  206. Karen Meharg Karen Meharg

    I have actually started reading some of these titles as part of my internship, but it was after Feb. 3, so they count :) Since I am almost finished with school, I am able to read more! 5 titles that I have read thus far: Heist Society, The Fault in Our Stars, Aristotle & Dante, Code Name Verity, & Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy. Just checked out 3 more titles from the public library yesterday!

  207. I have already unknowingly been reading these books, thanks LIS Teen Lit class! Just found out about the challenge when I received my YALSA Best of the Best publication. I will keeping track of my reads here at my (sadly under utilized) blog.

  208. Taliah Taliah

    I was just informed of the wonderful fun to be had in participating in this challenge. I’m in!!

  209. This challenge is great! I’m coming into it a bit late, but I’ve read several of these already, so I think I’ve still got time, and I’m excited to be reading some books I might have missed otherwise. Check out my Goodreads list:

  210. Cocoa Bar Cocoa Bar

    Joining very late, but better late than never. . .

  211. Wendy Wendy

    Better late than never

  212. Kristie Bartlett Kristie Bartlett

    I’m going to do my best to read as many as I can. :-)

  213. Kristy Kristy

    I’m also joining quite late. So far I’ve read and/or listened to 19 titles.

  214. I wish I had know about this earlier… Oh, well. :)

  215. Luckily I’ve read several titles recently (listed in Good Reads), so I am still hoping to make the 25. I’m a big reader so maybe I could have read all 83 had I known about it from the start. Is this an annual challenge? I sure hope so. I’m surprised I did not hear of it from Houston Public Library, nor from Harris County Public Library nor from my school! I borrow so much from these places but never heard of this challenge till today by chance I happened upon it.

  216. I’m in again! This is my second year (I started late last year, and will be starting late again this year)!

  217. I’ve been horrible at checking in at The Hub lately because I’m not currently doing programming and so I’m incredibly sad that I’m just now signing up this late. So I have exactly one month to try to read at least 25 books. I might be crazy, but challenge accepted.

  218. Better late than never! I’m in.

  219. Andrea Andrea

    Wow, I am SUPER late. But the presence of “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” on this list (which I’ve already read twice) and “The Fault in Our Stars” (which I read last year and it was incredible) makes me want to see how good these other books on the list are. I’ll see how far I can get, though I doubt I can read 25 books in less than three weeks while working full time. :)

  220. Donna Smither-Waller Donna Smither-Waller

    I cannot locate the embedded form to complete regarding my completion of the Hub Challenge 2013. Please help. Thanks.

  221. I am now at 16, don’t think I’m going to make the 25! I start getting into other books from different challenges I am doing, so this list is on the back burner, mostly so because I don’t have a lot of the books on it and neither does my library, and I am cheap, cheap, cheap so I don’t want to have to buy any of them.

  222. Robin Robin

    It’s been fun chipping away at the list for my second year!

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