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2013 Hub Reading Challenge check-in #1

2013 February 9
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reading challenge logoNot signed up for YALSA’s 2013 Hub Reading Challenge? Read the official rules and sign up on the original post. Anything you’ve read since February 3 counts, so sign up now!

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope your first week of the 2013 Hub Reading Challenge is off to a good start. By now you’ve purchased your books or placed them on hold — have they started to arrive yet? What’s your reading plan? Are you starting with the titles that have been on your “to be read” pile the longest? Are you reading what you’re most excited about first, or saving that for last? Are you beginning with short reads or long reads? Will you mix formats and audience, or are you focusing in one one particular kind of book? Let us know in the comments what your plan is, what you’ve read so far, and how you’ve enjoyed it!

I’m not sure it’s even possible to read 25 books in 7 days, but just in case you’re some kind of super-reader and have finished the challenge already, let us know by filling out the form below. (The information you provide is what we’ll use to send you your Challenge Finisher badge, contact you about your reader’s response, and notify you if you win our grand prize drawing, so be sure to use an email address you actually check!) Do not fill out this form until you have completed the challenge by reading 25 titles.

If you’re not done yet, keep up the good work! Tweet your reviews and progress with the #hubchallenge tag, and we’ll see you at next week’s check-in!

2013 Hub Reading Challenge

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Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.

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62 Responses
  1. February 9, 2013

    Only read one book for the challenge this week… Drama- Raina Telgemeier which I loved!

    As for my reading plan, I’ve already read all the Morris and Non-fiction for that challenge. For this challenge I’m mostly focusing on Printz, Alex, and Graphic Novels. I’m not planning on reading all the titles on all of those lists, but a lot of them. Oh, and I’ll read the titles I haven’t yet read that are on the Best Fiction List (already read half of them). Then, I just choose a few others here and there from other lists that I’d be meaning to read.

    Here’s my goodreads shelf with all the titles I hope to read.

  2. Grey Hautaluoma permalink
    February 9, 2013

    Got 8 books at the library and think I’ll start w those I’m most fired up about, including Seraphina and Cameron Post. Re-energized my GoodReads acct and joined EpicReads, so I’m ready to review. No plan except to pack in a lot more reading even when I think I’m too busy. Even 5-10 minutes adds up.

  3. Samma Lynne permalink
    February 9, 2013

    I’ve got a few on hold, but I just placed the holds yesterday, so sometime next week I can start on those. I did finish my first title, Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore! Reread the beginning of Bomb: The Race to Build — and Steal — the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon. And I started thumbing through Seraphina because we had it on the shelves, but I’m only a couple of pages in. I am being taunted unfortunately by work books (reading one on the art of play writing because I’ve got, well, a play to write next month) and some YA titles that have been on my to-read pile for too long (Gone and Fever Crumb). But if I get through five this month, I think I’ll be doing very well!

  4. Shanna permalink
    February 9, 2013

    I’ve got seven books from the library so far with a few more on hold. But it was book fair week at my middle school this past week, so I bought a few as well. I’ve finished Jon Skovron’s Struts and Frets so far, which was a re-read, and still excellent. I’m now mostly through with Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, which I think is really, really good – can’t wait to see how it ends. I’ve mostly just been looking for the books I was most excited about and whatever was already on my bookshelf.

  5. Cheyenne permalink
    February 9, 2013

    I’ve read a few this week from the list, as well as a few others that don’t count, but were already on my “to read” pile. Started with the ones I’ve read before, since they’re usually pretty quick rereads. So far I’ve finished: Seraphina and all 8 of the Tamora Pierce books. I have decided I like the SOng of the Lioness quartet better than the Protector of the Small, but both are fantastic. Seraphina was a very fun take on dragon stories, and I really liked it. Plus, the little bits of romance are never a bad thing. I’m hoping to read at least a few more this week, sticking mostly to the fiction and fantasy genre that I’ve always prefered, but who knows what I’ll find at the library.

    • Library.Lil permalink
      February 9, 2013

      I finished only 1 this week, Drama, but it’s a start!

      Since we have more time this year, I decided to do an every-other approach to physical books, meaning every other book I read will be for the challenge and every-other can be something else, most likely either a new release that just came out that I’m dying for or a book for one of the online book groups I’m in.

      I’m an audiobook junkie with a long commute, so as soon as I finish the book I started before the challenge, I will do only challenge listens until I do all the ones I am interested in and can get my hands on.

      As for length, I’m not thinking about it too much. Which book I pick up depends first on if I can get it (meaning from one of the two libraries I have access to) and how soon. I did several quicker reads at the end of the challenge last year and that helped me out, but with the longer time this year I’m not sure I’ll be in as much of a time crunch.

      I was also pleased to see that two books on the list are upcoming reads for the book group I lead at the library, so I’d have to read them anyway! Heist Society will be a re-read for me, and we discuss Code Name Verity 3 days after the challnge ends, so that one will be at the end of my list.

      So excited to have this challenge back!

  6. February 9, 2013

    Thank goodness I have a regular library card & an educator card! I have a lot on hold. Because I did the Non-fiction Challenge, I automatically checked off those 5 ( Steve Jobs, Moonbird, Titanic, We’ve Got a Job, and Bomb). I listened to The Fault in our Stars in the car. I had afterwork events 4 out of 5 days this week, so I had a lot of car time. And I managed to read David Levithan’s Every Day and Benjamin Alire Saenz’s Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

    Aristotle and Dante blew me away. Although I wonder if such understanding parents would have existed in the late 80’s, i thought the book was beautifully written.

    I have started listening to Inheritance in the car. It’s 24 CDs so it’ll take a while. I started reading the book when it first came out, but it had been so long since I read the others in the series that I couldn’t get into it. This audio version is very engaging. I’m reading Cameron Post & have Somebody Please Tell Me Who I am on deck.

  7. Sara Ray permalink
    February 9, 2013

    I’m off to a slow start but since I did the non-fiction challenge, I have 5 completed. I’m in the middle of Love and other perishable items and started the Anne Sullivan graphic novel. Last year I tried to dedicate full days off to completing a few super-short books but not many seem to be of interest to me and short. So my plan is to read the novels I really want to read first, always have a graphic novel going as well, listen to an audio in the car and when prepping a big meal, and have a short story book going at work for break time. Right now I don’t have tons of time to read but there will be long stretches of time available before June! I soooo look forward to reading the few books that were on my TBR list and then reading some surprising reads I’d probably never would have picked up (like most adult books :)

  8. February 9, 2013

    I read “Love and Other Perishable Items” by Laura Buzo and am halfway through “The Name of the Star” by Maureen Johnson. I’m just reading what is available first and will go from there.

  9. February 9, 2013

    So far, I’ve only finished Me and Earl and the Dying Girl since the official contest began. I liked it okay, but didn’t love it. Initially, the humor reminded me of Carter Finally Gets It, but it wore thin quickly. And I didn’t find the MC to be nearly as endearing, although both are socially clueless. Also, the book felt a bit gimmicky at times… I’m still sorting through my reaction, frankly, and plan to post a more considered review to my blog eventually.

    Currently, I am reading Enchanted by Kontis, and I have a huge stack of titles waiting at home.

  10. Elizabeth permalink
    February 9, 2013

    I started with what was available to me, and slowly because I have a deadline on Monday. This week I read “Bomb: The Race to Build and Steal the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon” by Steve Sheinkin and started a re-listen on “Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian” by Eoin Colfer. Next up for me: “Drama” by Raina Telgemeier, “Seraphina” by Rachel Hartman, and “The Diviners” by Libba Bray (audio). Really can’t say enough good about “Bomb”–It read like a spy thriller and I LOVED it! Can’t wait to read more and see what others are reading.

  11. February 9, 2013

    I am enjoying The Name of the Star. It is slow going because work is eating up a lot of my time this week, but the book is great to come home to every night.

  12. Alison permalink
    February 9, 2013

    I read Every Day by Levithan this week. I really enjoyed it. Wondering what others thought.

    Ill be reading whatever I can get at the local library. I placed holds on quite a few Ebooks

  13. Robert C. permalink
    February 9, 2013

    I’m off to a very slow start; haven’t finished any yet! I am in the middle of The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily Danforth. I started with that one because I happened to have it checked out when the challenge started! When done my plan is to actually play catch up with the few that are a part of a series that I haven’t read yet before tackling those on the list. My ultimate goal is to read all 83 of them. Wish me luck! ^__^

  14. Lois permalink
    February 9, 2013

    I’ve read the 5 Nonfiction and 2 of the Morris in the earlier challenge. I started Wonder Show and got distracted by other deadlines, so I’m going to restart that. Time for me to get going!

  15. February 9, 2013

    My plan is simple. Reread all of the books I’ve read before, then move on to the books I really want to read, finish up with a few books I randomly picked to try and round out my selections with nonfiction, audiobooks and graphic novels.

    I finished up my first book Heist Society by Ally Carter. You can see my review either on my blog or on Goodreads. I’ve posted links to both below. I’ve already started on Tamora Pierce’s Alanna: The First Adventure as my second book.

  16. MindyE permalink
    February 9, 2013

    For starters…I’m mixing up Stonewall and Printz books with Graphic Novels and Quick Picks! I’ve read Drama, October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard, and Code Name Verity this week! Loved all of them! My reading for next week is Dodger and Spider-man!! I’m trying to get teachers and staff reading all these great YA books too! I’ve been using the award winners for a professional development workshop I facilitate for teachers and staff! Love sharing great YA Lit with others! Although, as I was reading Drama, my dad ask, “Why are you reading a comic book?” lol! Looks like I need to educate him on the finer points of graphic novels!

  17. February 10, 2013

    This week I finished Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks and Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce. I posted my full update and reading plan on my blog The Hub Reading Challenge Update: Week 1.

    I completed the Nonfiction and Morris Challenges. But I don’t plan to count them toward my 25 for this challenge, unless I start to run out of time. My reading goals for this challenge are much the same as last year. I want to read at least one title from each list, but with no double-dipping. Titles on multiple lists will only count for one list. Other than that, I’ll be trying to read things I would not otherwise have read.

    I’m nearly finished In Darkness by Nick Lake and have six other books waiting. I was trying to restrain myself and not request too many things too soon. But I’ve recruited enough co-workers that the length of some of the request lists is growing quickly. I think I may have to re-think my plan and get in line before it’s too late!

  18. February 10, 2013

    I finished Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore (amazing!), and also read In Darkness, which was incredibly haunting. With the four books I read for the nonfiction reading challenge, that brings me to six.

    I’ve got a lot of other books ready for me, so I just have to stop getting distracted by other shiny books and dive in!

  19. Nicole permalink
    February 10, 2013

    This is my first experience with a reading challenge and I’ve had very limited exposure to YA lit (think Twilight and Harry Potter). I decided to join in on this because I have a 13 year old and I want to not only have great reading options for her, but also be able to discuss them with her. With that being said, I have no plan on how I am going to complete this challenge. I did start with Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever simple because my 8 and 10 year old are obsessed with those books and have most of the collection lying around. They are always reading the funny parts aloud and so I thought why not check it out. It was a very quick read (took about and hour and a half) but I did get a few chuckles out of it so not a bad way to start. I’m almost finished with After the Snow, and it’s an ok book. Every once in awhile the story sucks me in but then there are times that I feel like I’m just reading to get it done. Overall I am having a hard time with the way it’s written because of the poor grammar. I think from here on out I’m going to use recommendations from the above posts to help me decide what to read next.

  20. Gage Lawson permalink
    February 10, 2013

    Updated my shelf here:
    I read Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian. I was a huge fan of this series when I was younger, but was completely unaware another (final) book had come out. Total nostalgia trip. The series remained as funny as I remembered it.

  21. Tibby permalink
    February 10, 2013

    Finished The Name of the Star which thoroughly creeped me out. In a really good way. I haven’t really made a plan of attack mostly because I’m relying on my public library for titles, so I’m taking what I can get. Hopefully I can keep up the pace!

  22. Emily Calkins permalink
    February 10, 2013

    I read three of the Morris finalists for the Morris challenge, so even though I didn’t finish that challenge, it gave me a nice head start for this one! This week I finished two more (thanks, snow days!): Enchanted (BFYA) and Friends With Boys (GGN). I just started First Test, the first book in Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small quartet, which I can’t believe I haven’t read before. On track so far!

  23. Sharon Amastae permalink
    February 10, 2013

    For years I mainly read books at the lower end of YA, so I’m really enjoying the broad spectrum of YA. I’m mainly getting my books from the public library, so I’m reading what I can locate from somewhere in the system, and don’t have a “reading plan” beyond that. And, I don’t plan to reread something I’ve read before.

    I already had Code Name Verity on hold, so I started with that. It was wonderful–one of those books that you want to immediately start over when you finish so you can better see how the author worked. I also finished Dodger, which I also liked. With a book like that, my mind immediately starts to run through what student I could “sell” it too–it would be a big step for many, though I think they would like it when they got into it. I’m now about half way through Wonder Show.

  24. February 10, 2013

    I started the week reading In Darkness. But then Where’d You Go, Bernadette? came in, and since it has holds and is only a two week load, I jumped to that. Loved it! I was very excited to see that a number of books on my to-read list showed up on the Alex List.

    I also listened to Ghost Knight. I forgot how wonderful Cornelia Funke is. And it made my time on the treadmill so much more tolerable.

    Now, it’s back to In Darkness.

  25. February 10, 2013

    Slow start for me – I finished Titanic: Voices from the Disaster and that’s it so far. In the middle of In Darkness and The Name of the Star and have a few more checked out from the library or already on my shelves at home. No real plan – I’m focusing on what I haven’t read yet that I want to read, then I’ll try to read what I’m not really that interested in or re-read what I’ve done already.

  26. Molly Wetta permalink*
    February 10, 2013

    I made a shelf on Goodreads for all the books I want to read for the challenge, and decided no re-reads for me.

    This week I finished Aristotle and Dante Discover the History of the Universe, and I LOVED it (my review is on my blog).

    I’m working my reading around what has already come in on my holds, so Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am and BOMB are up next for me, as is Mr. Penumbra, which I bought a long time ago and haven’t gotten around to reading.

  27. February 11, 2013

    I’ve got a large number of them ordered (Every Day, Dante and Aristotle, In Darkness, My Friend Dahmer) with plans to read as soon as they get in. As well, I have a number I need to reread (Me, Earl and the Dying Girl, The Diviners, The Fault in our Stars, Friends with Boys, Enchanted, Name of the star and more). I did the non-fiction and the Morris challenges so at least I’m not too far behind yet!

  28. February 11, 2013

    I also read just one book, but it was a good one. Wondershow by Hannah Barnaby – It sucks you into the world of the 1930s carnival. The atmosphere created by Barnaby reminded me of Big Fish (the movie version). There was that sense of magical realism, even though there was no “real” magic involved.

  29. Robin Brandt permalink
    February 11, 2013

    Read this week:

    “Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy” by Bil Wright (re-read, read it in 2012)

    “We’ve Got a Job: the 1963 Birmingham Children’s March” by Cynthia Levinson.

    2 so far.

  30. February 11, 2013

    Started off with ‘Code Name Verity’ the audio version. No doubt most folks already know the storyline, which is historically set but with unique story strands–women pilots, vivid interrogations, and brazen prisoners. When you ‘turn on’ the audio, it makes you feel like you’re in the midst of the story happening live. Two voices, two stories, more interwoven than you could have ever imagined. Love and loyalty beyond belief.

  31. February 11, 2013

    My reading plan is to alternate the Printz books with the Great Graphic Novels first, then move on to the Quick Picks and Best Fiction, then whatever else I can get to. So far the only one I’ve completed is Friends with Boys (which I loved), but I am almost done with In Darkness. Aristotle and Dante, Dodger, Trinity and My Friend Dahmer are on board next.

  32. February 11, 2013

    I’m more than half-way through my first book, After the Snow by S.D. Crockett, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s bleak, but I can’t turn away. It was my first choice because it’s been sitting on my bedside table for a month now. So, thanks, Hub.

    My strategy was to circle anything on the list that I haven’t read and that my library already owns or that I currently have on order; then I’ll narrow down from there. Sorry I’m not using a more complex system :)

  33. February 11, 2013

    So far I’ve read Seraphina by Rachel Hartman and Wonder Show by Hannah Barnaby. I loved loved loved Seraphina and want to read more of her. Wonder Show took some getting used to since it changes POV almost every chapter, but I thought the story was really original. Not sure who I would recommend it to.

    Currently, I’m about halfway through Dodger by Terry Pratchett and hope to finish it in the next day or two. I’m getting everything through my library, so that’s been dictating what I read.

  34. February 11, 2013

    No strategy yet! I’ve placed holds and orders, and am building my reading shelf, but other than that I’m going with whim for now. Looking at last year, I didn’t do any Best Fiction or Edwards, and was light on Alex and Printz, so I will try to work those a bit. This week I read Drama (not as good as Smile), The Silence of our Friends (okay), and Caring is Creepy (awful – I would like my time back please). I’ve broken down and started on Goodreads, so more info is there.

  35. Maria W permalink
    February 11, 2013

    My strategy is to read books that sound interesting to me (which are a number of them.) I am putting off rereading books I’ve already read before (Seraphina, Tamora Pierce books, etc.)

    I haven’t read any books for the challenge yet, but spent this past week finishing non-related books that needed to be read before I could start. I’m excited to start getting my holds in and read.:)

  36. Joanna Nelson permalink
    February 11, 2013

    I’ve started the challeng and have finished three books this week (and feeling like a super star!). I read Drama and really enjoyed it. I forgot that it was by who wrote Smile. I also read Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe — so good! I didn’t see the twist at the end coming and would have liked to read more about what happens after the self discovery is made. The third book I read was Struts and Frets. I also enjoyed this book — and I really like where the name comes from.

    My reading scheduled is based on what hold comes in first! This is a great opportunity/motivation to read award winners. Thank you!

  37. charlene.librarian permalink
    February 11, 2013

    Although I only signed up a couple of days ago, I’ve listened to John Green’s The Fault in our Stars. Very pleased for it to receive the Odyssey. I really liked the interview with John Green included with the recording. As in many of Green’s titles, it’s a strong mix of realism, strong characters, and the question of meaning Not sure how I’ll approach reading from the list but am looking forward to trying some that I probably would not have found on my own. I will try to get most of the titles through the public library.

  38. Donna permalink
    February 11, 2013

    I read Titantic: voices from the disaster and Annie Sullivan and the trials of Helen Keller. I’ve got quite a few on order from various libraries. I’m not planning to read them in any especial order – I probably won’t read the ones I’ve already read.

  39. February 11, 2013

    I read Aristotle and Dante and absolutely loved Saenz’s brilliant novel. I’ve also read a whole pile of not yet published books.

  40. Anna permalink
    February 11, 2013

    My reading plan is to read all the stuff that I have easy access to first, like the ones our library owns or I can get from Overdrive. I’ll also be employing interlibrary loan, I’m sure. As for what when, it all sort of depends when I get my hands on it. :) I did start short and then go long, and I think I’ll just keep alternating.

    So far, I’ve read two of the Alanna books by Tamora Pierce (Alanna and In the Hand of the Goddess) and The Diviners by Libba Bray. I’m working on The Raven Boys right now, and waiting for my audio of Code Name Verity to arrive. :)

  41. Kalen permalink
    February 11, 2013

    I read Titanic: Voices From the Disaster since I had checked it out to read for the Battle of the Kids’ Books. This week is going to be focused on finishing up those contenders, but I did pick up the audio book for Crusher to start listening to in the car.

  42. Rebecca permalink
    February 11, 2013

    I read Seraphina, which I really liked, and I’m listening to The Diviners and enjoying that, too.

  43. Morgan permalink
    February 11, 2013

    I read 2 of the winners this past week. I absolutely loved Raini Telgemeier’s Drama. Callie was a wonderful character. I also read Sáenz’s Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe which I enjoyed but didn’t love. I can see why it was selected for so many different awards.

  44. Brenda Schwarz permalink
    February 11, 2013

    I have gotten two books started and I have ordered two more to read. I am currently reading the running game which is really good and heist society which also is a very good book. I am having a hard time getting reading time in with work, school and other activities i am involved in but I am up for the challenge.

  45. Becky permalink
    February 11, 2013

    I’ve started with the books I already had at home that happened to be on the list – which was actually about ten. In the last week I’ve read My Friend Dahmer and Love and Other Perishable Items. Both were excellent in VERY different ways.

  46. Cheryl Gladfelter permalink
    February 12, 2013

    So far I’ve printed out the list of titles and highlighted the ones I’ve most interested in. I’m saving some of the ones that I’m most excited about for the end. Last year some of the ones I was reading at the end weren’t necessarily my favorites and they were a bit hard to force down.

    I’ve decided to start with My Friend Dahmer (which turns out is missing from our library) and the Titanic book. Nothing has gotten read yet but I’m hoping to start this week.

  47. Anja permalink
    February 12, 2013

    I thought it would be good to start with some short reads. Some titles were unusual reads for me, but they turn out to be great! I read:
    Bendis – Ultimate Comics Spider-man V.1
    Hicks – Friends with Boys (actually a re-read, very rewarding)
    Kinney – Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Cabin Fever (not as funny as previous books, but well-read)
    Levinson – We’ve got a Job (this book is truly amazing, I could not put it down)
    Long – The Silence of Our Friends
    Rodriguez – The Pregnancy Project (amazing!!!)
    Wright – Putting Make-Up on the Fat Boy (this book is so fun and unusual)
    Can’t wait to read some of the longer titles, Every Day, Seraphina and Pure, e.g.
    I am tracking my reads on

  48. Amy Trulock permalink
    February 12, 2013

    I’ve got the holds placed, and my GoodReads shelf set up. Graphic novels and audiobooks up first!

  49. February 12, 2013

    I just finished Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and am looking forward to starting the Miseducation of Cameron Post next as I just received it via hold today! I read 11 of the books (mostly Morris and GGN titles) on the list before the challenge began, so I’m jumping around a bit in terms of what books I’m reading now.

  50. February 12, 2013

    This book is the 2013 Michael Printz winner and it absolutely deserves it.

    The book is set in Haiti and toggles back and forth in time between the 2010 devastating earthquake and the beginning of Haiti’s struggle to free itelf from its oppressors. Shorty, a 15 year old gang member who lives in the slums of Port au Prince, is taken to the hospital shortly before the earthquake and is now trapped beneath the collapsed building. As he waits for rescue, Shorty revisits his past and also begins to experience another life–that of Toussaint Overture, the hero of Haiti who fought the colonial oppressors and won. The novel links these two characters in fascinating ways, as it explores the spiritual connection between the two.

    The novel grabs you immediately with it’s vivid language and unusual story. I was fascinated by the historical background of Haiti and with Toussaint. The book demonstrates, with no preachiness whatsoever, that Haiti has no hope as long as basic necessities are denied the poorest of its citizens, who must depend upon gang members to survive.

    The novel does leave us with some hope at the end, but it is completely unsparing in its account of all the terrors that plague this beautiful island. It will remain with you for a long time

  51. February 13, 2013

    While I don’t have a clear reading plan, I did print out the extremely helpful list and highlighted the titles I’ve already read (and so would have to reread to count) and start a Goodreads shelf. I’m currently reading DRAMA (and loving it!) and have started to gather several other titles. My reading order will likely be determined by which books I can get my hands on and when I can squeeze them in between my booktalking prep reading :) Hopefully next week I’ll have more actual reading to report!

  52. Katie permalink
    February 13, 2013

    I just finished The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart and loved it! I’m working on the audiobook The Watch that Ends the Night: Voices from the Titanic on my commute to and from work and I’m enjoying that, too.
    I have my Goodreads shelf all set up with the 25 I’m planning on reading/listening to and a good stack of 10 or so books to work from. It’s a mix between shorter and longer works – and when I get home from work tonight, I’ll pick up the next one depending on which one grabs me! =)

  53. Lauren Woody permalink
    February 14, 2013

    Only read 2 so far – I Hunt Killers and The Pregnancy Project, both from the Quick Picks list. Working on Annie Sullivan… from the Top Ten Graphic Novels list right now. I have really enjoyed genre bouncing, which I don’t normally do. Check out my reviews/thoughts on my hub challenge Goodreads shelf.

  54. February 15, 2013

    I have only gotten to one book title so far. I just finished “Every Day” by David Leviathan. I absolutely loved it and have already by recommending to students. Throughout the whole book, I kept on developing all of the different endings that the book could take. I really think that he did a great job of representing all types of characters for “A” to wake up in.

  55. Debbie permalink
    February 18, 2013

    I got a bit of a late start, but listened to Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever and read The Fault in Our Stars. Enjoyed them both, though they are very different.

    My plan is to start with books I already have in my TBR pile and what I can get at the library. My goal is to read all of the titles.

    I’ll be keeping track on my blog and Goodreads (once I get the shelf set up):

  56. Aislinn permalink
    February 20, 2013

    I got off to a good start, printing out the lists and figuring out which branch of my public library had available copies of the book. The hold lists were miles long for the books I wanted to read, so I ended up buy a few of them at the local bookstore. With luck, I will actually crack open the book on top of the pile today. My reading plan for now is strictly based on availability. So, Pure gets to go first!

  57. Catherine Barnett permalink
    February 22, 2013

    Raina Telgemeier’s colorful and likable cast of characters won me over as I breezed through Drama. While it was a little hard to imagine typical middle schoolers being able to handle some of the responsibilities given to them in production crew (high schoolers, maybe, but 7th and 8th graders in charge of costumes, sets, etc.?), that didn’t detract from an engaging story involving drama both on- and off-stage. Also, I appreciate Telgemeier’s efforts to promote tolerance and respect for people of all sorts, but I did wonder if it was a bit heavy-handed to have nearly every main male character be gay, or questioning his sexual identity.

    Regarding the artwork, I loved the color scheme. The purples (like Callie’s hair!), greens, oranges, and other “quirky” colors helped contribute an artsy and fun feel.

    Having participated in quite a bit of theater myself, it was fun to recognize some of the joys and trials that go along with the territory. I especially liked that Telgemeier focused on the lesser-known world of the stage and production crew, since the actors and actresses are often the ones who receive almost exclusive recognition. Theater – like life as we know it – depends largely on those who work behind the scenes.

  58. March 24, 2013

    I just entered the challenge today, but I have recently read a few of the books during the competition time (Beginning Feb. 3rd) through my book club. Was wondering if I just started the challenge now, should I comment on all previous posts? Can I count the couple of books that are on the list that I have read recently during the competition time line even though I was not officially apart of the challenge until today?


    Oh, and I plan to read as many as I can mixed with audio and text. I am a teacher, so I really like to keep up to date on the best books for my 12-14 year olds.

    • March 24, 2013

      Yes, everything you’ve read from our list since the challenge started counts, even if you weren’t signed up for the challenge yet. And don’t worry about commenting on previous posts — just let us know what you’ve read so far, and then start checking in with us each week.

      Welcome, and good luck!

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