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If You Love Warm Bodies, Get Ready for a Dose of Zombie Romance

The idea of zombie romance is not new, but the odd little genre is growing in popularity even more since the release of the film Warm Bodies. Here are some titles that will delight and repulse you in equal measure.

i kissed a zombie and i liked it adam selzer coverIn I Kissed A Zombie and I Liked It by Adam Selzer, Ally meets Doug, a guy she thinks is just really goth, but it turns out he is a zombie. He is pale, never changes his suit, and speaks very softly. The local Megamart raised zombies from the dead to work in the stockroom. When the other supernatural creatures found out, they came out of the shadows and demanded equal rights. This is such a hilarious spoof on supernatural romance. Doug has an amazing personality, but he smells of embalming fluid and lives in a grave. This is a fun, quick read with a strong and funny female character and a love story based on character rather than just physical attraction.

zombie love jeff busch coverZombie Love by Jeff Busch: This is a zombie’s guide to dating: the do’s, don’t’s, and it depends of undead dating. You’ll find sections on “getting along with its horde” and “regrets, the shamble of shame.”

my boyfriend is a monster i love him to pieces evonne tsangMy Boyfriend Is A Monster: I Love Him To Pieces by Evonne Tsang and Janina Görrissen is a graphic novel about a budding love ruined by an infectious outbreak that turns Dicey’s crush into a zombie.

zombie queen of newbury high amanda ashbyZombie Queen Of Newbery High by Amanda Ashby is about a love spell gone horribly wrong. Instead, Mia infects her class with a zombie virus. The newborn horde thinks Mia is their queen. Will Mia still be able to attend prom with super hot Rob? Only one thing is for sure: wearing white to prom is just inviting blood stains.

zombies don't cry rusty fischer coverZombies Don’t Cry by Rusty Fischer is about Maddy, who thought she was going on a normal date but ended up getting struck by lightning and turned into a zombie. Reviews say this story is filled with great characters and plenty of humor. This story is about zombies, but it’s also about how a person struggles when they are going through a change, something plenty of teens can relate to.

hungry for your love lori perkinsIf you want a whole bunch of zombie love, try an anthology of zombie romance called Hungry For Your Love2005 Margaret A. Edwards Award winner Francesca Lia Block has a short story in here about two zombies who meet at a Revenants Anonymous meeting. Other short story titles include “Last Times At Ridgemont High” and “Julia Brainchild.”

dearly beloved lia habelIn Lia Habel’s Dearly, Beloved, Victorian-like romance meets The Walking Dead. In book two of this series, Nora Dearly falls for one of the zombies who kidnapped her in book one. Nora becomes a target for zombie haters who are obsessed with destroying the undead. Fans of steampunk will enjoy this exciting apocalyptic love story.

— Kris Hickey, currently reading Pure by Julianna Baggott

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