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Reading Horoscope – Aries

Source: Wikimedia CommonsFirst of the zodiac signs and first at most everything else, this is an exciting month for Aries. The return of spring promises lots of new adventures for these natural leaders. Independent, enthusiastic, and courageous, Aries are also incredibly driven and laser focused on any task. But Aries are also human and can be moody, impulsive, and impatient at times. Luckily I have the perfect books to excite and inspire tireless Aries this month.

Personal Effects by E.M Kokie (2013 Top Ten Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults)

PersonalEffectsMatt is angry all the time. His home life with his harsh and abusive father was never great, but now it’s worse — worse since Matt can’t get his grades up to get into officer training for the military after graduation. Worse since he might not even graduate and get into basic training. Worse since Matt is also angry at the peace-loving jerks at school who antagonize him. Worse since his brother TJ died in Iraq. Matt thinks if he can just see his brother’s personal effects, the objects left behind, he could make sense of the gaping hole he feels. But Matt finds more than he anticipated, and he has to decide if the ultimate rebellion against his father is worth the price to find the truth. Heartbreaking, honest, and brutal, Matt’s journey to find the man his brother was may teach him how to grow as well.

scarletScarlet by Marissa Meyer (sequel to Cinder, a 2012 Teens’ Top Ten)

Scarlet Benoit wants one thing: to find her grandmother. She’s been missing for over three weeks and no one, not the police, not her neighbors in Rieux, have any information about where she is or what happened to her. The only person who shows any interest is the mysterious Wolf, a street fighter new to Rieux. Besides being a deadly street fighter, he is also a stranger that Scarlet knows she can’t trust. But as they uncover more information, they find secrets her grandmother hid and people who want those secrets — secrets concerning Linh Cinder, cyborg Lunar terrorist, recently escaped from prison halfway around the world and on the run from Emperor Kai and Queen Levana of Lunar. The more Scarlet discovers about her grandmother, about Wolf, about Cinder, the more danger she and the entire Earth are in.

I hope you enjoy these books filled with strong and impulsive leaders Aries. And I hope this month you find the perfect adventure.

— Amanda Margis, currently reading The Far West by Patricia Wrede and listening to Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

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