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2013 Hub Reading Challenge check in #15

2013 May 18
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reading challenge logoNot signed up for YALSA’s 2013 Hub Reading Challenge? Read the official rules and sign up on the original post. Anything you’ve read since February 3 counts, so sign up now!

enchanteddodgerI did it! I finally read both Enchanted and Dodger and returned the books to my local library. That brought my total to 17, and then I took that momentum and went whizzing through Heist Society (how have I never read this?!), Friends with Boys, and This Is Not a Test. All in all, a pretty good couple weeks as far as reading in general and this challenge in particular. I’ve got five books to go, and five weeks left — I may actually make it this year!

What about you? Are you going to complete the Hub Reading Challenge this year? Did you set any personal goals (like reading an entire list, or something from each list) and if so, how are you faring? Have you discovered anything about your reading habits or preferences during the past couple months? Has your reading produced any great insights or burning questions?

Think about it, because on Wednesday, May 22, from 2 to 3pm EDT, we’ll be hosting a Reading Challenge chat on Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook, and we hope you’ll join us on whichever platform you prefer.

If you’ve completed the challenge by reading or listening to 25 titles from the list, let us know by filling out the form below. (The information you provide is what we’ll use to send you your Challenge Finisher badge, contact you about your reader’s response, and notify you if you win our grand prize drawing, so be sure to use an email address you actually check!) Do not fill out this form until you have completed the challenge by reading 25 titles

If you’re not done yet, happy reading and keep us posted on your progress! Tweet your reviews and progress with the #hubchallenge tag, and we’ll see you at next week’s check-in!

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30 Responses
  1. May 18, 2013

    I am still making slow and steady progress with another three books to my name for this past week. First, I was totally hooked by Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys. In fact, let’s just say that my sleep suffered this week because I couldn’t stop reading the story. It was very addictive.

    I also finished Woodson’s Beneath a Meth Moon and Hopkinson’s Titanic: Voices from the Disaster. I have been listening to The Watch That Ends the the Night: Voices from the Titanic in conjunction with reading Hopkinson’s book. Due to some technical issues with the audio, I’m not quite done with it yet.

    So this brings my total completed for the challenge to 12. I am basically halfway done. With my average at three books per week, I am confident I will complete the challenge before the deadline.

  2. Sara Ray permalink
    May 18, 2013

    I finally completed Trinity. At first I was like oh yeah it’s a short graphic novel, then I was dreading it because I had already read Bomb and thought that it was going to be repetitive and most of it was and I trudged through it throughout many weeks… then once the bomb dropped it all changed. I was very engrossed during the last part of the book. It gave a real insider’s scoop to what happened to these poor people.

    That puts my total at 22. I’m still reading a novel and hope to finish tomorrow and then whip through 2 more!! There are still many, many books I want to try… I’m sure I’ll put many of this year’s winners on my ever-growing TBR list.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to make the chat but I hope to see what everyone else has to say!!

  3. May 18, 2013

    I am working on conquering the challenge. I have ten books left to read:

    The Diviners
    Tell the Wolves I’m Home
    Boy 21
    Juvenile in Justice (which I can’t find ANYWHERE)
    Where’d You Go, Bernadette?
    Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore
    The Raven Boys
    This is Not a Test
    The Isle of Blood.

    I’m listening to “The Isle of Blood” in my car right now – it’s CREEPY. And I just started reading The Diviners last night – it’s a good book so far, but it is a thick one!

  4. Anna permalink
    May 18, 2013

    I finished a few weeks ago, but I’ve kept reading because 1. I reread four books for the challenge and so I’d like to read 25 new ones, and 2. I want to! I’ve since read Enchanted by Alethea Kontis and The Round House by Louise Erdrich. Enchanted was cute but it kind of lost me partway through; I think it could have used a bit more development, especially in what her family thinks happened to Jack. The Round House was very good, haunting, but it uses the lack of quotation marks style which made it VERY hard for me to read – I’ve been reading it since the beginning of the challenge, and JUST finished! This brings my total to 28, so 24 new books. Almost there!

  5. Library.Lil permalink
    May 18, 2013

    It’s been about a month since my last check in. I’ve read 5 since then, bringing my total to 20. My personal goal has been to read at least one from every award/list and I have only the Alex left to go.

    Since last time I read:
    Seraphina: Liked it, but I don’t think it bowled me over the way it did some. Some parts were really hard for me to wrap my head around.

    October Mourning: Didn’t wow me. The multitude of perspectives didn’t work for me and I found it to be too preachy.

    Ultimate Comics Spider-man vol 1: Surprised me. I had originally marked this one “not interested” as I’m not a super-hero girl. I tried a super hero title from last year’s list and honestly was sorry. But I liked this one and I really liked Miles.

    The Night She Disappeared: Enjoyed it, found it to be a quick read. The ending was a little unbelievable, but that didn’t diminish the book for me.

    The White Bicycle: Found it to be okay, neither amazing nor horrible.

  6. Rose permalink
    May 18, 2013

    This week I read:
    Love and Other Perishable Items- I thought it was a good book overall but not what I expected when I started reading. It would not have been the same if only told by one narrator.
    Prom and Prejudice- This was a fun read especially because it is prom season right now. I was glad there was a story line to it more than just teenage crushes.
    Total of 20 books. I should make it!

  7. Joanna permalink
    May 18, 2013

    This week I grabed a couple of graphic novels to, honestly, bump up my numbers! I read Daredevil, v. 1. I have to admit that I thought it was only okay. And it was strange to me that Daredevil put down other superheros. What’s up with that?

    I also read My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf. Wow. It was very powerful and interesting.

  8. May 18, 2013

    Read two more:

    Boy21 4/5
    Prom and Prejudice 4/5

    …only 4 books to go!

  9. MindyE permalink
    May 18, 2013

    I read/listened a lot this week! I finished We’ve Got a Job, Never Fall Down, and just finished this evening.. Boy 21. I also finished listening to The Isle of Blood. I’ve met the goal of 25, but am continuing to see if I can get to 50. Don’t think I’ll be able to hit the Super Challenge of all the books! I facilitate a blended learning Literacy Workshop each month for the teachers in my district. I use the year’s previous award winners and lists to select books for each month. I really wanted to read all the Printz, Graphic Novel, Nonfiction and most of the 10 Best Fiction for this challenge!

  10. May 18, 2013

    Finished Beneath a Meth Moon this morning…it was good but not my favorite Jacqueline Woodson. Next up is Alanna: The First Adventure. I somehow made it this far in life without ever reading anything by Tamora Pierce and it is time fix that! I’ve had so many people tell me that they love this book so I am really looking forward to it even though I rarely read fantasy. My total right now is 19.

  11. May 19, 2013

    Almost There!

    # 21 – Girlchild by Tupelo Hassman – Hard for me to read due to the child abuse, TRIGGER WARNING. Good story, but harsh due to subject.

    # 22 – Alanna by Tamora Pierce – Can’t believe I never read a Tamora Pierce book forever (Robin McKinley was one of my fav authors as a young’un.) LOVED THIS. Need to read more in this series, and more Tamora Pierce in general. Fierce Female Fantasy Protagonist!

  12. May 19, 2013

    #21 – Girlchild by Tupelo Hassman – Depressing, intriguing, but hard for me to swallow. Trigger warning for child sexual abuse. I had a particularly hard time with this one.

    #22 – Alanna – Song of the Lionness by Tamora Pierce – YASS! I can’t believe this is the first Tamora Pierce book I’ve ever read (Robin McKinley was my jam in elementary school). Loved this book. Fierce Female Fantasy Protagonist! Can’t wait to read more Tamora Pierce/Alanna Books. Me gusta.

  13. May 19, 2013

    Remember me? I have discovered that reading for pleasure is near impossible when nearing the end of the school year. I am sorry I haven’t checked in for a few weeks, but really there hasn’t been much to report. I have been listening to The Diviners in my car for the past few weeks and it is awesome! I am on the last disc and I absolutely love it, highly recommend the audio, it’s fantastic! I also am almost finished with Boy 21 and BOMB!, but those are both slow going, not something I would typically pick up. I have several from the library all over my bedroom floor and I predict that I will be able to pick up speed after this week! Hopefully! With the completion of Diviners and Boy 21 that will bring my total up to 11. My goal is to read 25, so I have to really kick up speed! The school year ends on the 10th, so I really feel as though I will be able to make some huge progress then!

  14. Alison McKenzie permalink
    May 19, 2013

    Just finished The Diviners. It was good but I felt some of the characters were just ok and put there for the sake of the series. Memphis was interesting but if you took him out of the story it wouldn’t have mattered much. Lately I’ve not wanted to read series because each book doesn’t seem to stand alone as much as I would like them to.

    10 down. Just downloaded a few and have others I need to check from the library.

  15. May 19, 2013

    Finished ENCHANTED and BOY21 this week. I think I have 8 left to read to finish the challenge. I have a few others checked out right now and hope to finish before they’re due. I’m planning to make a push to finish the challenge in the last few weeks. Here’s hoping!

  16. Julie permalink
    May 20, 2013

    3 this week, including my first GNs. My Friend Dahmer and Stargazing Dog were both dreadful to read. Dahmer’s childhood – Yes, he was failed miserably by the system, but other bullied children have not ended up as serial killers. Can’t believe the author actually make money from this endeavor. Stargazing Dog, I still have not figured out the purpose. Although I am going to read more GNs, these 2 just reaffirmed my dislike for them. Also read Never Fall Down – liked it a lot, tho it was depressing to know this type of thing really happened.
    Total now up to 30.

    • Sara Ray permalink
      May 20, 2013

      Keep trying those graphic novels! There are many types so maybe post-challenge you can match one with the type of novels you usually read (I found Drama and Friends with Boys both much lighter and happier and try to read everything by those authors!!).

      My Friend Dahmer and Stargazing Dog are weird ones to get you introduced to liking graphic novels. I personally liked them both but I’ve been liking GNs for a few years now. Dahmer was a messed up story and the author portrayed that well. Stargazing Dog to me was the connection between a dog and his owner. The dedication they show to us. It made me cry!


    • May 22, 2013

      I’m scared to read “My Friend Dahmer.” I keep thinking “Oh, come ON!” and then I veer off to something else. I have a very low serial killer threshold. So it was nice to read you didn’t like it. Now I feel less obligated to try it out! Thanks!

  17. May 20, 2013

    So, I forgot to check in last week…I’m up to 27.75 books completed (the .75 being the one book I could not and will not finish). Since the last check in I finished The Running Dream, which I absolutely loved. My reaction to this book is totally emotional since I’m a runner (a slow one, but a runner nonetheless) and since I just started volunteering with Achilles International, a running club for disabled runners.

    And this week I read The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks which I thought was just delightful. In fact, I have an opportunity to teach a novel study class next year and I’m thinking this paired with The Secret History and maybe another boarding school book could make for some really interesting discussions.

    I’m listening to Code Name Verity right now. I’ve been holding off on this one because it is my (adult) book club’s selection for June and I’m leading the discussion. So far I’m enjoying it, and the narration is fantastic. And I have to admit, I am very intrigued since everyone says they can’t explain anything in the book or it will give it all away. Waiting to see how that all plays out, with about half of the book left.

    I’m also reading Trinity. I keep picking it up and putting it down for other books, although I am enjoying it. It’s my bedtime reading, so I’m only getting through a few pages a night. I like the parallel to Bomb. And I have The Girls of Atomic City on my To-Read list.

    I may go for one more book after those two, so I can claim 30, and then get down to some just-for-me reading since it’s the end of the year.

  18. May 20, 2013

    Just one book to add this week, Struts and Frets. It’s a fun story. I enjoyed the music references. I also like that the voice and point of view felt real.

    That brings my total since February up to 35. With my reading from the Winter Challenge, I am up to 44. I am starting to lose steam. There aren’t that many books that I still want to read. I think I may manage a total of 50.

    Lists I have completed:
    Edwards Award
    Excellence in Nonfiction
    Morris Award
    Schneider Family Book Award (hardly feels like it counts as a list since it was just 1 title)

    The only Printz Award book I haven’t read is Code Name Verity, but I did listen to the audio. I expect to read every graphic novel owned by my library, plus one I bought.

    I think my next Challenge book will be The Running Dream. It’s been sitting on my shelf for a while, and everyone is saying such great things about it. I’m working my way through the audio books of the Eragon series because I refuse to jump to Inheritance without listening to the others first. I’m finding the series frustrating. There are parts that I enjoy. But just as I am relaxing and getting into the story, something will break the spell whether be an obviously derivative sequence or poor writing. The unevenness may drive me to give up.

  19. Jeanenne permalink
    May 20, 2013

    I finished Love and Other Perishable Items. I am hoping there is a sequel. I am conflicted about the male main character. I could definitely relate to Amelia! Although the book was written in both their points of view, I felt the diary entries from Chris dominated the book. I am going back to finishing Ten by McNeil and then hopefully speed through a few other titles. We will see….

  20. Donna Siebold permalink
    May 20, 2013

    I have completely lost track of what I have read and reported since completing the challenge! I may have already reported one or two of these. Since finishing my 25 I have also read Lioness Rampant, Dodger, Monstrous Beauty, Heist Society and expect to finish Warriors Don’t Cry tonight. I really liked Monstrous Beauty. I liked Dodger but not as much as I expected to – I will be interested to see if any future volumes follow. I was shocked that I did not immediately like Warriors Don’t Cry – it took me several chapters to really get interested in that book – now I am really antsy to finish it. I lived through that time period – I was younger than the Little Rock Nine, but not significantly – I can’t believe how little I knew of their struggles. I am so glad I found this book through the challenge. I have two or three other challenge titles at home – Raven Boys (really looking forward to this) and the Running Dream to name two. I am almost done with all I can find locally, though.

  21. May 20, 2013

    I’m done! I submitted 26 titles and then realized I’d also reread ‘Code Name Verity’. I’ve read others on the list but not within the time period. This was fun!

  22. Kristie Bartlett permalink
    May 20, 2013

    I finished “The Night She Disappeared” this week. I thought it started a bit slow, but it really picked up in the end. I also read “Ten” in one sitting. That one reminded me of an Agatha Christie novel with twists and turns I didn’t see coming.

  23. Beth permalink
    May 20, 2013

    #10 – Finally finished Every Day. Despite my extremely slow reading (mostly due to a newborn and lack of sleep), I enjoyed it as much as everyone else did. I doubt I’ll complete the challenge, but I have really appreciated the incentive to read some of the newest and greatest books from the past year.

  24. Debbie permalink
    May 20, 2013

    I finished the 25 books part of the challenge a few weeks ago, but I’m still aiming for all 85. That said, I only finished one challenge book, bringing my total to 35. End of the school year testing and stressing always brings me back to Harry Potter and I’ve spent most of the week listening to the audiobooks. It’s like visiting with dear friends!

    The Watch that Ends the Night was beautifully written and I thought the verse format was a perfect medium for capturing the emotions of the different voices and their stories. It’s probably not a book I would read over and over, but I am glad that I read it.

    I’m not sure what to read next. I have a whole stack from the library, and will most likely pick one of the graphic novels for a quick read.

  25. May 21, 2013

    Last week, I read one book, again. Lioness Rampant. I just didn’t get a hold of the other books in a timely manner, but the other books I am to read this week are here and because I have finals all this week it should be no problem finishing the five off, unless I get distracted. I hope that I do not. I think I should complete the challenge this year, as I am on book 19.

  26. May 22, 2013

    SPRINTING TO THE FINISH LINE! This week I read “One Shot At Forever.” I have read some SUPERB books this month. So happy to be in the challenge!

  27. May 23, 2013

    I just finished Pure, which I listened to, and I actually liked a lot. I’m not usually super into futuristic, sci-fi, especially armegeddon-type stories. However, this book had fantastic characters which are well drawn and complex. I found myself caught up in the adventure more because I cared about what happened to them than to find out what happens. I might read the next book when it comes out, or listen to it.

  28. May 23, 2013

    Last week I finished Moonbird. It seems that I was just visiting Antarctica in Where’d you go Bernadette, and now I’m following migrating shorebirds from one pole to the other, or close enough. Speaking of the interconnectedness of all things, Moonbird touches on ecology, conservation, extinction, the ethics of using horseshoe crabs in pharmaceuticals and more! It’s short, accessible and has so many supportive images and maps. It’s a great non-fiction add to a summer reading list.
    I also FINALLY FINISHED ALL 15 CDs of the Diviners! I feel like shouting it from the rooftops, we had a month-long relationship that audio book and I. It was good while it lasted and so well performed. Even though the dark occult images and human “offerings” may be too much for some, the setting of the 1920s is really appealing and the interactions of the myriad and diverse characters is addictive. I usually draw the line at animal sacrifice, but I find myself looking forward to the next installment of the series.
    Now I am listening to Code Name Verity and reading Bomb, both are very, very good so far!

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