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Readers Response: Sparks by S.J. Adams

This post is a reader’s response to a book read for the 2013 Hub Reading Challenge.

sparks s j adams coverThe feeling you get when you read a good book is like no other. It is almost as if you were meant to read it … or as if you had complimentary sparks of Blue. That is the exact feeling I got when I read the book Sparks: The Epic, Completely True Blue, (Almost) Holy Quest of Debbie by S.J. Adams. The reason I was drawn to this book was not because of the excellent writing, well-plotted storyline, or even the fact that this is no ordinary book, but because of the main characters.

In most well-read stories or fairytales, the hero/heroine is an unbeatable super-natural human whose sole purpose in life is to save the world. But Sparks is more true to life. The main characters are everyday people like the rest of us, so it’s much easier to connect to them and their struggles. I often think that the reason a good book stays with you is not because of the plot line, but because of the characters. It almost feels as of they are sitting on your shoulder, talking in your ear as you go about your life. After I read this book, the main characters stayed with me for a long time. I can still hear Emma whispering about how Blue will provide, or about how two people have complimentary sparks of Blue. The characters in this book are humble, and true to who they are, and unlike the characters in Disney movies, are realistic.

This book will change the life of anyone that reads it. It made me believe that even from the worst things in life can come good things, like friends that come from detention, and relationships that come from facing your worst fears. This book is a book I will read again and again simply because I love it and I know that anybody who reads it will like it too, because it touches you deep inside your heart and it makes you feel that everything is going to be okay, no matter what happens. Read this book and your view of the world will change so drastically it will feel as if the world has spun 180 degrees and landed, but it’s a good change, not a bad one. Trust me, I would know!

— Rukmini K., 8th grade

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    A true review of the book! I felt the same way. :)
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