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Reading Horoscope – Virgo

Industrious, methodical, practical Virgos, what a busy and exhausting summer. Between your hard work and helping others, I am sure it has seemed all the sunshine and warm weather fun has flown by without you. But there is still time left, Virgos, to relax, lay back and enjoy a book that is in perfect harmony with your generous and giving spirit.

out of the easyOut of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys

Josie Moraine is seventeen, smart, hard-working, and ready to get out of New Orleans. The Big Easy in 1950 is not the easiest place for a girl like Josie to make her own way, let alone get into a fancy East Coast college, especially when her mother is a no-account prostitute and occasional thief. That doesn’t stop Josie from applying and working two jobs to save enough for room and board. Above all, Josie does not want to end up like her lying user of a mother who has been making Josie’s life hard for years. Even with help from friends like the son of bookstore owner she works for, Willie Woodley, the madam she also works for, and Jesse, the mechanic with a fast motorcycle who tries to catch her eye, Josie is determined to find her own way to make her dreams come true. A gripping historical novel rich with details, lies, scandals and maybe even love, Out of the Easy will delight the most exacting of Virgos.

This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. SmithThis Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

Ellie O’Neill didn’t mean to start an online friendship with mega movie star Graham Larkin, but when a stray email meant for a pig walker makes its way to Ellie’s inbox that is exactly what she gets, even if she doesn’t know it yet. Graham Larkin didn’t plan to meet his new confidant with whom he has been sharing secret hopes and desires with for weeks, but the opportunity to film in Ellie’s hometown comes up and he can’t resist the chance to meet his pen pal. What neither of them expect is the drama and fireworks that follow them through the summer as their attraction grows and their personal secrets become exposed. Virgos will identify with the devoted and hard-working Ellie and the loyal and selfless Graham in this perfect summertime romance.

Summer isn’t over yet, Virgos! There will still be lots of time to finish that to-do list in the fall. For now, enjoy the sun, a cool beverage, and the good company of a great book.

– Amanda Margis, reading Street Dreams by Tama Wise and listening to How to Say Goodbye in Robot by Natalie Standiford

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  1. Colette C. Colette C.

    I am a Virgo and I really did like Out of the Easy! What a great hook this book has – a girl raised in a brothel – with a admirablel goal – to go to college.

    • Amanda Margis Amanda Margis

      I love how detailed the time period and setting was as well. Sepetys writes a complete story and I loved it!

  2. Jessica M Jessica M

    I’m a Virgo and I find it funny that both of these books reside pretty high on my TBR list! I must just know deep down that they’ll be just what I want to read!!

    • Amanda Margis Amanda Margis

      My mom is also a Virgo so I thought to myself, what would my mom like? It also helps that we have similar taste in books. Hope you enjoy them!

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