Sharing Our “Must-Reads” for the Fall Season

At the start of the summer, I shared a group of videos made by The Hub bloggers showcasing our most anticipated reads over the summer.  We had so much fun creating that post and sharing our “must-read” lists that we’ve decided to do the same thing seasonally! I am going to coordinate quarterly posts sharing videos with all of you highlighting our most highly anticipated titles for the publishing season and hope that you will share in the comments some of the titles you are itching to read, as well!

Here are videos from our bloggers showing you exactly which titles we’re dying to get our hands on before December. Enjoy!

Geri Diorio:

Laura Perenic:

Jennifer Rummel:

Kelly Dickinson:

Sharon Rawlins:

Diane Colson:


Jessica Miller:jessica_fallreads










As you can see, we always have a mix of genres, some adult crossovers, and even some middle grade titles in the mix.

Fall is a great time to cozy up with a book and breathe in the crisp, clean air, so we hope you’re planning some great reading, too!  Let us know what your must-read titles are this fall.

– Jessica Miller, currently reading The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges and The Case of the Deadly Desperados by Caroline Lawrence

4 thoughts on “Sharing Our “Must-Reads” for the Fall Season”

  1. Wow music and animation! My video seems pretty plain. Will my fellow Hubbers share what programs they used to create these so I can up my game.

    1. Laura,
      Last time I used the vine app on my phone. This time, I used Animoto and it was pretty easy to add things and the animation was pre-set.

  2. Laura, I feel the same way. I’m a newbie at it too and wish I’d featured more books and had music. I’ll do that for the next one. I used the Vine video app and it seems easy to add music.

  3. Laura, Sharon, I used iMovie which came with my Mac. It’s really easy and anything I couldn’t figure out, the help menu was honestly helpful with!

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