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Jukebooks:The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly BlackWow, just when we thought vampires were really dead, Holly Black comes out with this beautifully crafted, thrilling new vampire story. It begins when our heroine, Tara, wakes up in a bathtub the morning after a party, feeling more than a bit hung over. But at least she’s alive; almost all of the other party guests are not.

In the story, vampires have multiplied beyond the threshold of secrecy, and the United States has established “coldtowns” where they can live, so to speak, in decadent freedom. Somehow, Tara finds herself under the protection of one of the oldest, most infamous (and definitely most gorgeous) of the vampires, Gavriel. Their relationship is intense, twisted, and, of course, insatiable.

The song, Bent, is from a 2007 album from Matchbox Twenty, Exile on Mainstream. Since I absolutely love Rob Thomas’s voice, it’s surprising that these guys haven’t been on Jukebooks before now. But Bent describes the attraction between Tana and Gavriel perfectly.

Holly Black herself tells a bit about The Coldest Girl in Coldtown:

-Diane Colson, currently reading Cartwheel (advanced reader’s copy) by Jennifer Dubois.

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Diane Colson

I have been a librarian working with youth since 1998, beginning at the Alachua County Library District, and later at Palm Harbor Library and Nashville Public Library. Possibly because of the edgy nature of teen literature, or possibly because my maturation process crashed at the age of fifteen years-old, I love YA books. And I enjoy working with YAs as well, although I'm just as happy doing Toddler Time. By some good fortune, I have served on a number of YALSA selection committees (Outstanding Books for the College Bound, Popular Paperbacks, Alex Award, Odyssey Award, Nonfiction Award, Morris Award, and Printz) as well as a smattering of process committees. Currently I am serving on the YALSA Board. .I also review books for VOYA, School Library Journal's Adult4Teen Blog, BookPage, and Booklist.


  1. Susan Susan

    I will have to read it! I loved her last series The Curse Workers. Holly Black brings a unique spin to all of her books. I would also like to mention Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden series. It is another gritty spin on vampires. I have not seen much spin on it, but it is excellent.

  2. Diane Colson Diane Colson

    Thanks for the recommendation, Susan. I hadn’t looked at Kagawa’s series, but I will now!

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