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Reading Horoscope – Scorpio

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Boo! Happy Halloween, Scorpio! This month will mark a good time to take advantage of the opportunities the world offers. It also offers a rare chance to step back and look inward for the next big thing on the horizon. It is also the perfect month to spend time with those spooky (or sometimes spoopy) tales that will stay with you throughout the year.

12907847Lies, Knives, and Girls in Red Dresses by Ron Koertge, illustrated by Andrea Dezso

We all know the original folktales that have been handed down are more terrifying and gory than the versions on TV and in the movies today. Except for these. Thoroughly modern, deliciously cynical, and even more gruesome than anything the Grimm Brothers wrote, Koertge, with a graphic assist by Dezso, takes you to magical worlds that look a little too much like our own. The truth about Bluebird, Little Red Riding Hood and 12 disobedient sisters will leave you enthralled and terrified.

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake (2012 Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers, 2012 Readers’ Choice)

anna dressed in bloodCas and his mom move to Thunder Bay, Canada for a new start. Actually, Cas is on the hunt for the ghost that killed his father, the man who taught him everything he knows about ghost hunting. What Cas finds is even more dangerous, the ghost of a young woman, Anna who drips blood on her white party dress before she attacks her victims. While hunting her and finding about her tragic past, Cas finds himself reluctant to kill her and begins to wonder where the ghosts he kills go. A perfect horror read for fans of a good, old-fashioned ghost story.

Soon the leaves will be gone, Scorpio, and another season will be starting. Take this special time to immerse yourself in all the world has to offer.

– Amanda Margis, currently reading Bad Kitty by Michele Jaffe and listening to The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis, narrated by LeVar Burton

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