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2019 Hub Reading Challenge June Check-In

Happy June, reading challengers! It’s time for our last check-in post!

How are you doing with this year’s challenge? At this point, you’ve probably read quite a few new titles and, hopefully, you’ve been able to make use of them in your work in the library (or you’ve just had a lot of fun in the process–that’s good, too.)

So, I have a different question for you this month.

How has the challenge been this year? And, more importantly, what could we do to make the challenge even more fun and useful for you? More eligible titles? A different timeframe? A brand new car for the winner? (Obviously some things are easier for us to accomplish than others.)

We want to ensure that this reading challenge meets the goals of our readers, so please use this as an opportunity to give us some feedback in the comments.

And, remember, the end of the challenge is almost here! So grab those last few books and get reading (here’s the sortable spreadsheet of eligible titles in case you need some last minute ideas). And be sure to tag any social media posts you make about the challenge with #hubchallenge!

Here’s a quick reminder of the challenge guidelines:

  • Format matters: a title that has been recognized for both the print version and the audiobook version can be both read and listened to and count as two books, but a book that has won multiple awards or appears on multiple lists in the same format only counts as one title.
  • Books must be read/listened to (both begun and finished) between the date the award winners and selected lists have been released and June 30, 2019 at 11:59pm EST. If you’ve already read/listened to a title (before the winners/selected lists were announced), you must re-read/listen to it for it to count. The challenge ends on June 30, 2019 at at 11:59pm EST. Once you’ve completed the challenge, let us know by completing this form.
  • Just about everyone who doesn’t work for ALA is eligible to participate. Non-ALA/YALSA members are eligible. Teens are eligible. Non-US residents/citizens are eligible. (More eligibility questions? Leave a comment or email us.)
  • The grand prize winner will be selected by 11:59pm EST on July 1, 2019. The winner will be notified via email.

–Stephen Ashley, currently reading Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

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Stephen Ashley

Stephen Ashley is the Member Manager for the Hub. He has worked in both school and public libraries with youth of all ages. He can currently be found in North Carolina reading, listening to live music, and never finishing a to do lists. He cannot remember where he parked.


  1. I have completed the 2019 HUB Reading Challenge back in May and as always I love delving into the many new award winners!!! I only wish there was some way to show the award winners I read in 2018 before the challenge began. I especially love reading the graphic novels and manga and I have so many books that I LOVED. There are so many lists of award winners you provide; there do not need to be more titles/lists added.

  2. Stefani Haas Stefani Haas

    I finished the challenge! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this challenge! Overall I feel like I ended up reading some really solid books because of it! I have read 29 books for the challenge to date and have about 7 more I want to get to this year for sure. Overall, some really lovely reads and I look forward to doing this again next year!

  3. I didn’t want to post this until I knew it was a possibility that I could finish the challenge by the deadline. I have one more book left to go so I’m almost there! :) This is my Summer Reading treat–so many of these books were on my want-to-read list anyway. Great way to prep for all the booktalking in Fall!

  4. Picture us in the Light – 3
    My last book I am reading for the challenge. My total read is 42. I am fine with the format and the choices of books. Just because I am not into a certain genre (GNs, Science fiction/fantasy) doesn’t mean they should be excluded. Since I have retired from working in the HS library, I don’t feel the need or necessity of reading a book I don’t enjoy since I am not recommending them anymore. For 3 years I have completed the list, but didn’t want to this year. I think the time frame is reasonable, and that if a book has been read previously, it should have to be reread – doesn’t take that long. Being able to read a book as soon as the awards are announced (Morris & Non-fiction before the Feb start time as usual) is fine. There doesn’t need to be more lists or titles. A list of 80+ items is long enough. fewer Science fiction/fantasy would suit me, but if that’s what those who make the decisions choose, that’s my problem. I always like to see what reading material is popular each year. And to see which books make multiple lists (including the Teen Read list).

  5. Leanna Chappell Leanna Chappell

    Just finished the entire list! It’s been a wild ride, but I’m glad I finished. I think the lists already included are definitely enough – any more and I don’t think I could have finished!

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