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2020 Hub Reading Challenge – June Check-In

It’s time for our last check-in post for this year’s Hub Reading Challenge!

What have you read so far that you’ve loved? What hasn’t met your expectations? What are you planning to read next? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to check the sortable spreadsheet of eligible titles if you’re still looking for books to read. And make sure to tag your reading on social media with #hubchallenge20!

To recap the rules:

  • The goal of the Hub Reading Challenge is to read 25 books by the end of June from a list of the most recent award winner and honor books and YALSA selected lists.
  • Format matters: a title that has been recognized for both the print version and the audiobook version can be both read and listened to and count as two books, but a book that has won multiple awards or appears on multiple lists in the same format only counts as one title.
  • Books must be read/listened to (both begun and finished) between March 1, 2020 at 12:00am EST and June 30, 2020 at 11:59pm EST. If you’ve already read/listened to a title (before the winners/selected lists were announced), you must re-read/listen to it for it to count. The challenge ends on June 30, 2020 at at 11:59pm EST.
  • Just about everyone who doesn’t work for ALA is eligible to participate. Non-ALA/YALSA members are eligible. Teens are eligible. Non-US residents/citizens are eligible. (More eligibility questions? Leave a comment or email us.)
  • If you’ve already finished, let us know here! The grand prize winner will be selected by 11:59pm EST on July 1, 2019. The winner will be notified via email.

Happy reading!

–Stephen Ashley, Hub Member Manager


  1. One month left. Read fewer books on the list this month, but read a number of books not there. In May I read:
    27: Dominicana – 2.5
    28. We are Displaced – 4.5
    29. Each Little Spark – 2.5
    30. Patron Saint of Nothing – 2
    31. The Music of What Happens – 2.5
    32. Forward Me Back to You – 4

  2. We’re in the home stretch! I was doing really well but I hit a slump about two weeks ago and I have not recovered so I’m a little nervous I won’t finish. I’ve read 21 books to this point.
    The most powerful book I read last month was Heroine by Mindy McGinnis, which I am still thinking about.

    Currently reading:
    Wicked Fox by Kat Cho
    High School by Tegan Quin and Sara Quin

    Good luck on the last month everyone!

  3. Beth B. Beth B.

    I’m making my way along. I’m honestly not sure that I will finish due to access issues, but I’m enjoying everything I’m reading, so…still a win!

    9. Unpregnant – fantastic
    10. The Swallows – so dark, but I couldn’t put it down
    11. Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me – the hype is real, so great!
    12. Kiss Number 8 – Loved it
    13. The Haunted – decent, not my favorite, but my students will love it
    14. Hey Kiddo – a reread for me, but amazing both times

    11 books next month is a lot to ask, but fingers crossed.

  4. Sara Sara

    Hi All! Due to access issues I had a little break but have been able to get many prints now with curbside services. Usually I end up with a few audios left but I must have listened early on. I’m at 20! I probably won’t finish but have a personal goal of completing by the end of July.

    My most recent book was Like A Love Story and I’m recommending it to RENT fans. I’m in the middle of Belly Up, On A Sunbeam, and Sick Kids in Love. Maybe I’ll finish! Happy reading All!

  5. Donna Siebold Donna Siebold

    This is going to be the first time since I started the Hub Challenge in 2013, that I did not finish 25 books from the list. I moved and started a new job just as the pandemic hit. All the upheaval in my life really put my head in a bad space for reading. I have gotten back on track and I will continue reading from the list as the year goes on. I will say, when I enjoyed a book this year I really enjoyed it. I am almost through with A Boy and his Dog and I just started Heroine which is amazing. I did have a hard time getting my hands on some of the books, though. Graphic novels were scarce on the electronic ground for me and I am not going to buy them because I don’t generally like them – exceptions often made for the ones honored on this list. I hope most of you were able to keep your reading on target and that you enjoyed what you found through this challenge. I look forward to being far more successful in 2021.

  6. Leanna Chappell Leanna Chappell

    I had a bit of a slump so I didn’t manage to read the entire list – I’m 17 short – but I did finish the rest of it (including reading and listening to each book that won in both categories), for a total of 79 titles. I’m going to keep reading and finish it off, hopefully by the end of this month!

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